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Do you adjust bedtime based on last nap or is it set?

Mobile: Do you adjust bedtime based on last nap or is it set?

Ok, I need some sleep help.  I've been reading all the other posts but thought I'd put mine out here too.

Backstory: DD is 7 months.  Started STTN at 2 months, swaddled in her RnP.  Once she started rolling at 4 months I moved her to the PnP and put her in a Magic Sleep Suit.  Transition was flawless and she continued to STTN.  At 6 months we decided it was time to move to the crib, in her room.  First few nights went well, but then she figured out how to roll to her belly in the sleep suit, so I stopped using it.  Now she is preferring to sleep on her belly at night and for the last month has been waking once/night.  At first, I turned on her seahorse and she fell back asleep but after a few nights that stopped working and she is now needing a bottle to fall back asleep.  From what I've read here, people say if she's eating it, she's hungry?  I'm wondering if I'm creating this to be a habit, that she wakes, she gets a bottle.  Thoughts?  She isn't going through a growth spurt, because she hasn't been finishing her daytime bottles like she used to. She does have a sound machine, blackout shades and fan on low just like our bedroom had when she slept there.

Now, onto my main question:  Do you adjust the bedtime according to when LO wakes from the last nap?  I've been putting DD down at 7:30.  But sometimes this is tough if her last nap she woke at 3:00 or so. I pick her up from daycare at 4:30 and we have a 20 min. drive home, so if she's been awake for her normal 2 or so hours, she'll usually take a quick snooze.  But, if she doesn't (say she last woke at 3) then do I move her bedtime up? I'm wondering if her waking during the night is from being overtired? I hate not having answers! :)  Oh, and during the week, I wake her at 6:00 am to get her ready for daycare.

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Re: Do you adjust bedtime based on last nap or is it set?

  • I keep it the same, unless we happen to not be home at bedtime.  He doesn't go to daycare every day so his schedule fluctuates when he's there or at home with me.  I hope I'm not jinxing myself but he always goes to bed easily, no fussing or crying :)

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  • I guess the short answer is "sorta."

    Our "rule" is no more than four hours from last nap to bedtime. Usually bedtime is at 7. If he woke up at 2:40, we are cognizant of that and aim for 6:40ish instead.

    On days when he wakes up at 6, his first nap is 8-9:30ish, nap 2 is 12:30-1:30ish and he might take a cat nap around 3:30 or 4.


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  • Her bedtime is 6:30-6:45 regardless of when her last nap was.


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    I would keep it the same. I noticed If we aren't home and bedtime gets pushed back to 9 or 10 (usually she's out by 8) then she doesn't sleep as well and she wakes up about an hour earlier than normal. Usually she's awake and babbling to herself at 7am but on the night's she didn't get to go to bed at 8pm she's fussy at 6 am and need her paci put back in at least twice during the night.


    I get anxiety when we want to go somewhere in the evenings. :(

  • We've adjusted bedtime a few times, but it is rare. Her usual bedtime is 7:30. Last weekend she took a 2 1/2 hour nap from 2:30 - 5, so she was still wide awake and happy at 7:30. So in a situation like that, I will try to gauge her mood and how tired she is. That night she went to bed at 8. I probably wouldn't adjust it by more than half an hour or so.
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  • 99% of the time it is at the same time.  Unless he wakes super early from his last nap then we put him down early.

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    image mrssqueegy:
    99% of the time it is at the same time.  Unless he wakes super early from his last nap then we put him down early.

    exactly this.

    We start bedtime at the same time, but might vary how long each part lasts (bath, books). He's still pretty much always going to bed at 7. Even if he isn't totally sleepy, we put him in his crib and he will hang out in there and settle himself down.  

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  • The only time I adjust it at all is if we're traveling and she wound up sleeping in the car past 5-6pm. But I only adjust it by an hour or so.

    She goes to bed at 8-8:30...I'll push it to 9-9:30 if she slept for an hour plus around 6pm.

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  • I don't have a real firm answer.

    Jack's bedtime is somewhere in a 45 minute window - anywhere from about 7:40 to about 8:25ish. Usually we try for 8 on the nose and most days this works great, but if he's really sleepy we'll go down a bit earlier. Or if he had a late afternoon nap, we are at swimming class, or other things, it's closer to 8:25.

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  • I keep it at the same time, even with the change of the daylight (because it is staying daylight longer).  He is extremely drowsy at 8 and he's usually completely asleep by 830, whether he has his bedtime bottle or not.  His last nap of the day is usually at 5pm and only lasts about 20 minutes.  He wakes between 6-7 as a norm through the week.  

    I wouldn't think you are creating a habit with feeding her when she wakes at 3.  Dexter wakes sometimes around 4am for one and I think it is just a growth spurt.  He's 8 months old.  His entire 7th month he wanted a bottle at 4am, and now he is back to STTN without the extra bottle.  If it were me I would just remain flexible with her and see if she grows out of it.   Good Luck!

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