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planning to have more? When do you start?

DH and were talking last night and decided that we did in fact want one more (I was sure this would be the last one lol)
Im 32 and DH is 30, so we dont want to wait too long. I was thinking waiting one year from now to try, and the nany would be born right around the time DS is turning two.
He thinks that we should try sooner, like start in 3-6 months.
How long are you waiting? What BC are you doing? If we are going to try in 3-6, there is no point in starting the pill or something. 

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Re: planning to have more? When do you start?

  • Ask your OB what they recommend but when I had my first, she told me to wait a year before trying.  I in fact waited 2 years because that is just when I felt ready.  there is about 3 years age difference between all of my kids and I like the gap because by 3 they are pretty independent.

  • yea, DD is going to be 5 in July, and I like the age gap, but I really dont want to wait another 5 years....I will def check with the OB - although last I told him, this was going to be the last one and that DH and I were discussing permanate options for BC lol...

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    "Doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream." ~ From Juno

  • lkm2006lkm2006
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    We want a large family, ideally 5ish.

    We knew we wanted our first two close together so they would each have a built in play mate. Plus we are already used to diapers, sleepless nights, etc. we got pregnant our first month trying and our boys are 17 months apart. Some days are very hard but even on the worst day, I still think this was the beat decision for our family and I'm glad we had them close together.

    Now we will probably wait to have our third until DS2 is closer to 3. I want time to be able to enjoy them at this age without being tied down with a newborn. I want to be able to take them out and do things they are interested in that would be too hard having 3. We are also planning at big family trip for in two years that hopefully they both will enjoy.

    We are so both young so I don't really feel like we have to rush anything either.


  • heddy79heddy79
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    I just had this conversation with DH this morning.  I had a c-section 4 weeks ago, so I need to make sure my OB says its ok, but I'd like to be pregnant again by the time DD is 9 or 10 months.  I'l be 34 this year, so one more and done.  I'm not sure what kind of BC i'm going to use until then, but it wil be discussed at my 6 week appt.
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  • I think I'm going to wait at least a year.  I had originally planned on four, but sometimes I think just two or three.  I don't have any desire to have another baby until DS is two.



  • Definitly talk to your OB and what risks are for trying to close together. 


    Right now we're not sure sure.  DH really wants a boy, but also know we're not great "newborn" people so it's hard to gauge right now. Our DD is pretty easy, put her in the sling she sleeps during the day, put her in her bouncer and she'll entertain herself for a hour, sleeps 7-9 hours a night...easily consoled and distracted when crying, etc.  Even then, we struggle because we're just not people who ever went gaga for babies.

    But, we also know this is temporary and once we're on the other side itm ight look different . We decided that when she's around 2, we'll revisit the idea of having more kids. If we've decided that we'll be ok to do it again, then i think we'll start trying and shoot to have the next LO by the time DD is 3 or 4.

    personally i'd like to try when she's' 3, so that she'l lbe around 4 when the next one is born because i really like the 4 year old stage-they're possibly dropping that last nap, so i don't have to worry about getting her to nap when the next LO is around, potty trained, they're able to play with themselves a lot easier in non destructive ways (arts and crafts, dress up, etc) and able to understand instructions more so they can even feel helpful with baby (getting diaper supplies, holding up toys for baby, etc).  But DH thinks 3 years is a better gap, since once you get with a bigger gap than that it's harder for them to "be friends" later one.

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  • I had an unplanned c/s with lots of complications, so at my 6 week PP, my OB said it wouldn't really be safe for me to get pregnant again this year, which is totally fine with me.  Ideally, I'd like to start trying again when DS is 18 months or so.  Already though I'm starting to look into RCS vs VBAC, just want to be very informed going into #2! 
  • =Lee=B=Lee=B
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    My husband keeps asking me how we decide if we want another and when we decide to start trying.

    I've been saying ask again after we survive the first year with our daughter!

    I wont consider trying before 1 year.  We conceived during our first month of trying with our daughter. 

    I had a rough pregnancy and ended up on bedrest for almost 4 weeks with painful contractions every 3 min 24/7 for those weeks.  Our daughter than came 5 weeks early and after a long and painful labor she ended up stuck in the birth canal and we had to have a C-section. During all this we discovered that pain meds don't work for me...I had 4 epidurals and many narcotics during labor with no relief and then had to be put under for C-section because those meds didn't work and I could still feel my belly. 

    I'm a little anxious about how another pregnancy would play out for us!




  • the hubs and i already discussed this even before this lo was conceived- we agreed that we wanted our children close in age.  we'll probably start ttc when dd is 6-8 months old.  i'd like my baby's to be about 18 months apart.  if we decide to have more kiddos we might wait a couple years after the second lo's arrival.
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  • I initially said I wanted to wait until DS was 5 and in school before we had #2, mainly so we wouldn't have two kids in daycare at the same time, and so I wouldn't be faced chasing a toddler at home while taking care of a newborn. However, seeing as I'm 30 (turning 31 this September), a part of me wants to try a little sooner as I know pregnancies for women 35+ can be tricky. Will have to talk to my OB about it to get the best information possible. We have always wanted to have two, so it's pretty important we explore the options.


  • I'm 35 and DH is 42. This is the first child for both of us. We have talked about having 2 kids. However the bad experience I had during my third trimester plus c-section complications and post partum woes make it difficult for me to want to go through all that again, not to say it will be the same the 2nd time. It could be easier, or not. Not to mention that newborns are hard work lol! Right now the thought of having a toddler and a newborn scares me. But we have both always wanted to have 2 kids, and I don't want DD to grow up without a sibling. We have discussed the possibility of adoption. But if we were to try for another one, I would want to wait probably 2 years despite my advanced age. I would just want to be in better health the next time since that may make the pregnancy easier (I started the pregnancy around 60 lbs overweight).

    As for birth control, we're going to use condoms. I spent many years on birth control and I don't like the side effects it has on me. 

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  • I personally think I would go apesh*t with another kid anytime soon. And mine is pretty easy, as babies go.

    As of this point, my plan is to breastfeed for one year, have one year off of breastfeeding and just enjoying my toddler, and then once he is 2, start to try again. So ideally, a 3 year age gap. I always said I wanted 3, with an option for 4..we'll see if that holds up.

    I'm 28 and DH is 30 so we have about 10 more years or so to have the kids we're gonna have...if I were older, I'd probably try for my second a bit sooner.

    Then again, I know more than one woman raising an infant and pregnant, of course, personal decision. Good luck!

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  • MrsRKJMrsRKJ
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    Well the original plan was to start trying when DS was a year old.  I wasn't going to go on BC because it took a long time for my body to get back to normal last time, and I didn't want to wait again.

    However, DS was born at 33 weeks with a bunch of health issues, not to mention the fact that I lost my job 2 weeks ago.  So...I guess we're on hold indefinitely until I at least find another job and/or DS's health issues are under control.  I'm 33 turning 34 too, so time is not on my side :( 

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  • I have two kids now that are 18 months apart.  My OB said I could start trying for our third at 5 months pp, but I think I want to wait until LO is at least a year old.  


  • When I can convince DH to have more - but really DD #1 is 2 years 7 months and DD#2 is 2 months, so they are 2 years 5 months apart.  I want to have DD#2 walking and slightly independent before #3 is born, so I won't be able to TTC until DD#2 is closer to 1 year.

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  • We weren't remotely ready for another kiddo until Lucy was at least 2.5 and even getting pregnant on our first try with this one, they're over three years apart and so far I am SO GLAD lol. I really like that Lu is so independent (she can dress herself, take herself to the potty, etc. etc. ) and genuinely interested in helping with the baby.

    If we have a third, we'd aim for another 3-3.5 year gap.

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  • If we have a third it's a big if! we'll look to space them around 2.5 years again, maybe a little longer. I think I want a third, but I'm not telling anyone else that yet!
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  • I'm going to wait a year to decide either way.  My PP hormones are currently telling me I want lots of babies but once those subside I could see us being happy with our 2.  We need to have two years between our youngest and any new baby so that DS is in Kindy and we din't have 3 in daycare!  I'm almost 33 and DH is turning 36 this month so I think we're probably done.
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  • I've been trying since 2008 for this LO with 4 miscarriages in between. Seeing DS has Down Syndrome, we may try for another in a year or so. Maybe more, maybe less mattering on how his development and learning goes. 
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