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So last night was crazy.  I put my LO to bed at 8 , but she would not settle down to sleep till almost midnight! I was so frustrated.  I kept going in to see if she was hungry, she ate about 6 ozs and then she was done. So I just laid her back in her crib and she just laid there all swaddled for hours. I heard her sucking on her swaddle blanket so Im not sure if I should try to stop the swaddle simce she is constantly sucking her hands now. She finally fell asleep at 11:45 after I went in for a final feed 2 oz and she fell asleep in my arms.

1:30 am my son wakes up throwing up, takes me 30 min to clean up the floors and get him back in bed

3:30 am LO wakes up drinks 2oz

6:00 am LO wakes up drinks 2oz

730 am  up for work!

Could she be sleeping too long during the day? She had about 6 hours that day in naps. Also should I stop swaddling her? 

Re: Exhausted!

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