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STM+ How long did you wear maternity pants after birth?

Just curious on how I should start organizing my spring/summer closets. Did you guys find that you were still wearing maternity pants well after your LO was born? I'm not so worried about the tops, but I am thinking that I won't be using my pre-preg pants any time soon.
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Re: STM+ How long did you wear maternity pants after birth?

  • I wore them about 4 weeks, but I wasn't able to nurse my first and I had a c section, so I imagine that made it longer than most. I know some who are out within a week or so.

  • I'm three weeks out from my CS and I tried in a pair of non mat jeans the other day and they fit, but were uncomfortable against my incision. So I'm not wearing them yet.

    I packed up all of my mat stuff except for one pair of jeans. But to be perfectly honest, I have worn yoga pants every day but one since having LO.

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  • I tried on a bigger pair of regular jeans around 4 weeks pp and they were fine.  It kind of correlated with when the bleeding stopped.
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  • I wore my under the belly maternity stuff for a good 6 months. I gained 64lb and only lost 35lb.

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  • I was wearing mine through the summer June baby when I finally sucked it up and bought up 2 sizes. This time I bought some underbelly stuff specifically for post baby.


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    I'm still wearing them!  They are a little big though :)  I went out and bought some new capris, because I couldn't fit into my capris from last summer.  But any clothes I had before LO came I haven't worn yet because they just don't fit.  Boo :(
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  • About 6 weeks (post c-section). It was just easier, and didn't irritate my incision.
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  • I think it really depends...I weighed about the same or less after the delivery of my first child then I did pre-preg b/c I lost so much weight first trimester battling morning sickness - so I was back in many of my pre-preg clothes immediately, certainly anything with an elastic waist band (sweats, yoga pants)...a lot hinges on how much weight you gained during pregnancy, if you're planning to breast feed and if you have a c/s or not -- it could be weeks or months...many of us will never fit back into those favorite pre-preg jeans - our bodies just change through this process.

    I'm hanging on to at least a couple pairs of my favorite maternity pants and pulling out my largest, stretchiest pre-preg pants to try post-baby.

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  • Usually 2 months.  I have some larger sizes but then I just look fat at first.  I think the panel helps slim things down a bit.

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  • I think it somewhat depends in pregnancy weight gain. Last time i was negative on the weight gain and had my pre preg jeans on within a week later. This guy is 7 days and i just tried them on cuz u made me curious and got prepreg jeans on as well! With this guy i only gained 5 or 6 lbs.
  • It really depends.  It took about 2 or 3 weeks for my hips to get small enough to fit into most of my pre-preg stuff but I had serious muffin top so I still wore maternity stuff for awhile or stretchy things like yoga pants and athletic shorts.
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    Last time I probably wore them for a few weeks afterwards because they were more comfortable with the incision. I'm wearing them now at a week out because I'm wearing an abdominal binder and the overbelly panel help to keep it feeling secure and smooth it out.

    Because of the way my hips spread last time I ended up having to go up a few sizes in regular pants to accommodate them. It was depressing, but I was happy to be in non maternity pants.
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  • I refuse to wear maternity pants after baby just on principle, so I lived in dresses and yoga capris.
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  • I wore mine for several months after DS1 was born. I just rolled the elastic panel down. They were fitted so no one knew they were maternity jeans. They were much more comfortable than regular jeans for a while. I have no qualms about wearing maternity clothes in the months following L&D ( I also wore several less obvious maternity shirts). You'll get back into your regular clothes eventually.
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  • After I had DS, I was able to wear some larger pairs of jeans more quickly but I still wore my maternity pants on and off, depending on the day, for probably a month or so. 
  • Maybe 3w?  With DS1 I could fit in pre-pg clothes at 9 days, with my twins it was 11w.  Now, just because I could get them on didn't mean they were comfortable or looked good AT ALL, I just felt it was a milestone to be able to button them. 

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  • I didn't at all. I was done with maternity pants and put them all away. After the swelling went down I was 12 over my prepreg weight. I wore stretchy cotton Target dresses and elastic waist skirts. It was too hot for pants anyway...

    I fit back into my jeans by 10 weeks PP
  • I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans about 2 weeks after delivery with DS (vaginal delivery so I didn't have to worry about them rubbing against/irritating an incision). Some fit just fine, and others were a bit tight. The ones that were tight I just left unbuttoned and wore my Bella Band to hold them up. 
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