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I posted this over on pgal board too but wabted to check here also...

I tested positive for this back in November with my miscarriage at 15w4d. Today my doc had me test again and we will find out results in a couple weeks. I've been doing some research but I was wondering if other women have been diagnosed with this and how serious it was for them. I haven't had chicken pox nor the vaccine either and that's one possible ways if getting CMV. How to avoid with a 2 yr old? I don't know if I miscarried cause of this and am a bit worried about it for this Pregnancy. Doc said if I am positive ill have to go over to high risk... Sigh. Any info?

Re: CMV Virus

  • My 1st son was born with cCMV.  We got very very lucky and he is jsut deaf in his left ear with partial loss in right.  But right on track with his peers, he is 13 now. 


    Here is a FB page for CMV, you will get tons of answers here.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/218264801533244/

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  • Since you were already exposed you should have the antibodies (IgG) to fight off CMV.  A positive IgM would indicate a current or active infection.  Since I work in a hospital and have had patient's with CMV I have had to be tested this pregnancy.  My test results came back within in days, so i find it curious yours are taking so long.  It is my guess that if you were exposed today that due to your antibodies your body would better be able to protect your baby.  From what I understand, your baby would be at a lower risk of adverse reactions associated with CMV due to your antibodies, but no not always the case.  Ways to avoid a CMV infection can be found on the internet, but practicing good hygiene and handwashing always helps.  Look up some of the ways to prevent CMV and use protective equipment if necessary.  Good luck and prayers for a happy and healthy nine months. 
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