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Mother's Day Craftiness

So I found this the other day on Pinterest and decided to try and make it for my mom and MIL. I'm hoping to have time to work on them this weekend. Wish me luck. What do you all have planned for mother's day gifts?


Re: Mother's Day Craftiness

  • I literally was coming on here to see if anyone had any ideas for their moms/MIL for mothers day thanks for reading my mind! :
  • We're getting my MIL a massage gift certificate, and my mom some framed photos of H and also us as a family.
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  • We printed MIL about 100 of all the kids and are putting them in an album. That way she can take it to work and brag about out kiddos. Depending on the weather and my mood, we may go over to my mom's grave and take a special fake flower for by her bench.

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    My mom become a grandma (x2) this year, so my sister and I got her a charm bracelet with a birthstone for each baby.
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  • For my mom I bought her a flower and money toward something she was saving for. Also pictures of A and a picture card with us as a family and A alone on it.

    For his mom lots of photos from the trip we made last month for her first time seeing A, a pic CD from pregnancy on to now and all of it in a photo album with 5x7 picture card as well. 

    Then his (ex) step mom (who we love and will always be family) we did the same thing as for his mom.


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