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What are your DH's hobbies?

DH complains periodically about not having hobbies/interests and gets bored with the work --> home daily routine. He does go out for drinks pretty often and plays video games after DD goes to bed sometimes. Are there any scheduled activities/teams your DH is involved with? Any special interests? I'm tying to come up with some ideas for him. He likes to be active so I have suggested team sports, but his schedule varies, so it's hard to commit to a team.
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Re: What are your DH's hobbies?

  • DH does/has done:

    softball, horse shoe, volleyball, dart, and curling leagues (through city or a bar)

    video games

    poker at a casino

    coaching youth sports

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  • My H is a ridiculous sports fan.  His obsession with the Giants is beyond and above the norm.  He is an avid golfer and likes to learn new things about his profession, he is always going to medical conferences. He is also an experienced runner he is going to do his 10 NYC Marathon in October. I like that he is interested in being interested.
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  • I doubt you'd want your hubby involved in what my DH does - races dirtbikes and rides motorcycles! Dangerous, but he's been doing it his whole life and riding these bikes is fun and relaxing for him.  Otherwise, he doesn't really have any other hobbies.
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  • roxy_jjroxy_jj
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    DH doesn't have too much time for hobbies.  When he does have free time, he likes to play volleyball or poker. 
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  • My husband plays basketball two nights a week and also loves golf and disc golf. He goes to play one or the other once or twice a month. 
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    My DH works on his truck after work. It distresses him. He also likes to go off roading.

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  • DH is really into bikes, he's taken a few classes and built one, too. It's a good hobby bc he can work on them whenever he has time.
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  • image jillyjill1026sr:
    My husband plays basketball two nights a week and also loves golf and disc golf. He goes to play one or the other once or twice a month.nbsp;

    My DH loves disk golf as well but it's something we all go do together.

    On his own, DH enjoys mountain biking and usually goes once a week.
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  • He's a huge sports fan, especially baseball, so he listens to games or watches them. We have a partial season ticket plan to the Phillies so that takes up a lot of time April - September. 

    He does some gardening, DIY projects around the house. Right now he's refinishing a door, getting ready to hang it.  

    He reads. Lots of classics and nonfiction about the revolutionary period or HIV/AIDS.

    He is now on church council and volunteers w/ an HIV/AIDS nonprofit.

    He enjoys learning more about his DSLR camera and photography.

    He cooks, is a bit of a foodie and a big craft beer snob.  

    Of course, family stuff w/ us.  

    So, yea, throw in a bit of TV and he's not bored in the slightest. 

    ETA: he runs, too, and is running a 10 miler on Sunday. He's kind of an overachiever I guess.  

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  • he goes shooting,  likes to read, run, play video games.
  • abs05abs05
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    My DH gets this way sometimes.  He works long hours, has a long commute, and some times he feels like he doesn't get any "me" time.  He's right, he doesn't.  I get way more than he does.  When that happens I encourage him to meet a friend for drinks after dinner.  That usually helps him get out of his work, home, do it all again the next day funk.  He also recently joined a gym (but hasn't gone yet). 
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  • DH doesn't have tons of time right now, because he is studying for boards. He goes to the gym quite a lot and loves to run. He used to golf some, and I have been trying to encourage him to get back into that. He is a huge, huge, huge sports fan and loves the Ravens and Orioles (he's originally from Baltimore).
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  • Spin313Spin313
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    DH is into war gaming, video and computer games, and hockey.

  • Reading geek blogs and style blogs on his iPad?


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  • I read this thread and realized it's me that doesn't have time for hobbies! DH has a ton. He's into boats and refinishing his boat. He is VERY into fish tanks right now and has pretty much turned out house into an aquarium. :-(

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  • He loves watching movies, he plays video games periodically, plays golf, goes shooting, and loves college football!
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  • id012id012
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    Dh is a gym rat. Hes there all the time.
    Hes really into health and nutrition also.. always researching and stuff.
    He going to the drivkng range and plays for a semi pro football team
  • DH has a LOT of hobbies; it was actually something we fought about right after DS was born. DH hunts in the winter and fishes in the summer. He also does demolition derby in the summer and target shoots all year. He has definitely cut back on everything but he still tries to find time when he can and I know he's looking forward to DS being old enough to do some of these with him.
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  • During football season he is a fantasy football addict and lives and breathes NFL network. I'm obsessed with football too though so it works out nicely :)

    He plays video games sometimes, goes to the gym a lot, golfs, goes to the driving range, plays poker once in a great while.

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  • roxy_jjroxy_jj
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    Oh, and he likes to read tech blogs.  It's usually one of the first things he does after getting home from work. 
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  • DH is a gun enthusiast. He goes to the range, builds guns and reloads ammo. He plays video games, works on motorcycles and is an engineering geek.
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  • AB87AB87
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    My H usually runs after work. He also runs in 5ks and triathlons on weekends when there's one near where we live.
  • DH works crazy shifts, but he enjoys fishing (ice and thawed), golfing, he is pretty avid in exercising - especially running.  He will also watch any sporting even known to mankind.  He also goes bird and deer hunting too.

  • My husband's career is like a hobby to him (not joking!). He's so invested in his work that he'll work all day, come home for dinner, get the girls to bed and go back to his computer and work more, not because he has to but because he's on a roll and wants to get more done. This is why he quit a job to return to graduate school, learning is his love and thankfully his field is one of the few in academia that pays reasonably well.

    He also plays guitar and keyboard (although he hasn't had as much time for that in the past few years), plays video games and is an avid reader. Sometimes for fun he'll also write computer programs. Once in college when we had a warm winter he made a computer program that made my computer "snow" because he felt bad that we hadn't gotten any; it was complete with penguins. 

    He also genuinely wants to spend a lot of "his" time doing things with the kids. So weekends we usually do something fun as a family.

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  • DH is a huge gamer geek. He plays Magic and tabletop war games. He also enjoys first person shooter computer games and the occasional video game. he also plays D&D with his best friends through Skype once a week.

    He also loves music and plays guitar and bass and sings. He has made a demo cd and was part of a band for a little bit when we were dating.

    He loves football (more college than pro) and he also cheers for our alma mater in other sports when we watch (mostly basketball and wrestling).

    It sounds like a lot, but per my request, he has cut down a bit on hobby time for more time with his family. :-)

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  • Before we met, he played in a band.  All of the guys have since gotten married and/or had kids, so none of them do that anymore.  Although, I'd be all for it if he wanted to start again.  He rarely goes out and I think it would be good for him.

    He likes to play video games, reads comic books, watches movies (he's on a documentary kick right now), he plays guitar/keyboard and reads books about science.  That's about it.  

    When Ben and Alex are old enough to start participating in sports and/or Boy Scouts, he wants to be involved in that.  He also wants to take them camping.  I told him to go for it...and that I will be staying home with the electricity and indoor plumbing. 

    ETA: I completely forgot to say he's a huge sports fan.  He loves the Phillies and has a love-hate relationship with the Eagles.  He likes college basketball too.  He is also hopelessly addicted to Twitter. 

  • DH works alot. I mean alot. He is usually gone from 6:30 to 9 or 10 every weekday so he doesn't have alot of time for hobbies. When he does do his hobbies they are golfing, he likes to swim laps in the pool and mountain biking.
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  • GastroGastro
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    Working out - he goes to the gym about 5x a week and runs around the neighborhood/lifts weights at home the days he doesn't go the gym



    Skiing in the winter

    Wine tasting

    He probably does a guys night twice a month (almost all of his friends do not have kids). 

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  • Soccer, both as a player (he is capitain of his team) and as a follower (goes to the stadium when our city team plays here every 2 weeks; follows some matchs on tv)

    Video games (soccer, races) when he gets some alone time at home (if the kids and I are out, before work when he wakes up early..)

    Cooking, he's the family's chef, yay because I hate cooking! 

    Biking/running/working out/adding gadgets to his car when he has time and will

    We also try to meet our friends at least once a week, but we usually do it as a family 

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  • ta78ta78
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    DH plays city league basketball and softball. He coaches baseball for the high school after work.. and volunteers for the hs football team. Then he has season tickets for the Seahawks and UW.

    Obviously he loves sports. I'm not to sure those things are real hobbies, but they take up a LOT of time. 

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