STM Progesterone Question - kinda long - sorry!

Hi ladies, I usually post over on the high risk board, but wanted to come over here.  Short version of a long story.  DD turned 2 in Feb., was born at 33.5 weeks due to PROM and I also had (have) gestational hypertension.  I was already in the hospital when I ruptured due to the high bp.  I had been showing signs of PTL on and off (mild contractions prior to the rupture) and due to the high blood pressure I had received 2 rounds of steroids.  Needless to say, she was born a GIANT 6lbs 4oz (yes at 33.5 weeks and no I didn't have GD -- everyone asks, and yes they think my dates were right...LOL).  She did spend a few days in the NICU and was a few more days in the step down nursery and then had to be followed with out patient  to the hospital every day.  I know I got lucky with her.  I am now pg with DS, currently 31 weeks.  My bp is medically controlled and I am on the p17 shots (have bene since 16 weeks).  This baby is too measuring big (I think I just grow them big).  So finally, here's the question.....for any of you who did the p17 shots, how effective were they for the 2nd baby?  And when you stopped them, how soon did you go into labor?  I did ask on the high risk board, but only got one response.  Best wishes to all of you and thanks for listening.

Re: STM Progesterone Question - kinda long - sorry!

  • I'm taking them now.  I'm 20 weeks and hoping they are very effective.
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    DD1: BFP July 2010...HG in first tri, MC delivered vaginally at 18 weeks October 2010

    DS: BFP December 2011...SCH at 5 weeks, SBR at 7 weeks, Placental Abruption at 13 weeks, Hospitalized at 25 weeks, pPROM at 28 weeks, PTL via CS at 31 weeks 

    DD2: BFP January 2013...P17 shots, delivered via VBAC at 39 weeks
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    I'm also getting them now and I'm at 23 weeks, previous birth was at 31 weeks.  I'm hoping they are very effective.  I asked a similar question a couple weeks ago and got quite a few responses from people with positive results so it definitely made me feel a little better.  Good luck!
  • My former 26 weeker was also a giant (relatively speaking, of course) at 2lb 8oz.  He turned 2 in January, and I'm 34w2d with baby #2.  I didn't have any signs of PTL with him (just walked into the hospital and had a baby, more or less).  I haven't had any contractions at all with this one, either.  And I'm 8 weeks further along than I was with him.

    I have 2 more shots left, and everything is looking good for me to make it to term (or very close) with this one.

    Good luck! 

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  • I am currently taking the weekly progesterone shots after two preterm deliveries. At 24 weeks, my baby girl was waiting 2lbs and my specialist picked up contractions on the ultrasound. So now I have to go and see her every 3 weeks for an ultrasound rather than every 5. I've been advised that the progesterone shots do not stop you from going into labor. The purpose of these shots is to thicken our cervix and prevent it from dilating as fast as it normally would. Don't take your symptoms of preterm labor for granted if you ever have any. Considering its so early, four contractions regardless of how strong or weak they are means immediate trip to hospital.
  • Thanks all!  I've heard a lot of people say they are very effective, but my doctor told me that in reality it's only about 30% (which is obviously better than nothing). So far they've worked for me (but I havent passed my delivery date with her yet).  I do still have contractions, a lot!  I easily get more than 4 an hour, my doctor checks me regularly and says once I have more than 6 an hour to go to L&D, luckily I haven't hit that mark yet.  Again, thanks for all the posts, good luck to you all.
  • I was on 17p with my second pregnancy. My first was born at 33w 4d and my second was born at 34w 5d, so not exactly what I was going for, but she did get one more week in the womb.

    My SIL was on 17p with her second pregnancy and she made it to full term and I want to say that she had him two days after her last shot. 

    Just wanted to let you all know I'm pulling for you! keep up the good work ladies. 




  • I'm getting the shots now.  My son was born 34 weeks, 3 days and I am currently 34 weeks, 6 days.  I have my last shot next week and my cervix is still closed so it looks like I should make it full term this time around.

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  • My first pregnancy was unexplained PROM at 24 weeks and had DS at 26 weeks. I had no signs of it coming. With this pregnancy, I have been on the shots since 16w and I am now 31w4d. I have also been on strict bed rest from 22 weeks for cervix shortening. I have 10 days from my last shot to 37 weeks so I am hoping I make it!
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  • My son was a 35 weeker, they don't have any reason he came early other than he wanted out! So this time I am on p17 shots. I am 32 weeks now and have seen a major uptake in BH and regular contractions (woke me up on tuesday night) the day before a shot.  Not sure why that is, but the dr said he wants me to keep an eye on things and he will as well, I am to contact them with any contractions. He said that as far as their practice goes it seems to help about 50 percent of patients that have had previous preterm babies.  
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  • I should add, my homehealtcare nurse that gives them to me, only sees patients for this and she says she has never seen them not work.  That being said, she doesn't do it near full time (she has maybe 1-2 patients for 20 weeks), but I found that optimistic.
  • My first was born at 33 w due to Pprom...did 17p with my second...stopped taking them at 35 weeks...ended up being induced at 39 weeks 4 days.
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    I ruptured at 32w5 days with my first... Reason unknown.  I had the shots with my second from 16 weeks and I ruptured a week earlier at 31w4d.  She was born the next day.  I had weekly appts and even checked me earlier to see I was long and closed.  That night I ruptured.  again no reason...  Good luck to all.
  • I got 2 weeks further along this time (33w5d with DD1, 35w5d with DD2), but who knows if it was the 17p or not.  Apparently my body prefers to pPROM and then I start contracting a few hours later.

    GL and I hope you get a FT baby! 

    BFP(1) DD1 born 4.17.10 @ 33w5d due to pPROM
    BFP(4) DD2 born 2.14.13 @ 35w5d due to pPROM

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  • I had PROM with my twins an they were born at 26 weeks. This time around I was getting the 17p shots and the day after shot 19 PROM again and baby was born two days later at 34 6/7. I had no warning signs. My dr did say she thinks without progesterone I could have had PROM earlier. So we believe it helped. Yes it wasn't full term but I'll take a 34 week pregnancy over 26 any day.
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