Worried...Not waking up!

My LO is almost 3 weeks old and since he was a newborn he's never really been a baby that gets fussy and wakes up wanting to eat. In the beginning I would feed him every 3 hours but it would be a struggle to keep him awake. Today he's been going every 4 hours to eat and still has been sleeping all day. Is this something I should be worried about? Anyone else have babies that never woke up wanting to eat?!?

Re: Worried...Not waking up!

  • My DS was the same.  As long as your LO is back over birth weight then don't worry.  Let him sleep. If you are really concerned go see your doctor.  My son is still the same.  He's not overly fussy, even when he's hungry.  I chalk it up to his easy going personality.   DS is now almost 14 weeks old.

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  • There's really only 2 reasons to be concerned about this. (okay 3 - if he's sick, but there would be other signs if illness is the culprit)

    1) He's not gaining weight appropriately.  In which case I would recommend waking to eat so he gains more weight.

    2) He's sleeping all day, but up all night.  In which case I would recommend waking during the day so he gets more nutrition in when you're not sleeping.

    Otherwise, it's fine for him to sleep.  Take advantage, because it could change tomorrow!

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