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Painful periods after baby?

I keep forgetting to come on here and ask if anyone else is experiencing different periods than before baby.

Mine are now like an ice pick is stabbing me in my uterus. It's also rather "clotty" (sorry TMI...not really, because hey, we're on here all the time asking gross questions. LOL)
Before E was born, it was just normal cramping and just straight forward bleeding.

I had a c-section, so I wonder if that has something to do with it.  ???

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Re: Painful periods after baby?

  • My periods aren't back to normal yet. I've have 3 PP periods and each has been more crampy and heavier than my pre-pregnancy periods (like get-out-the-super-tampons-every-few-hours-heavier). My cramping isn't so bad that some ibuprofen won't help, though. I mentioned this to my doctor during my annual exam and she said it's normal not to be back to normal yet. :)



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    My period is the same but the cramps are a lot worse and last longer.

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  • I resumed regular 28-30 day cycles in November while still BFing and the biggest difference is that it lasts 2-3 days longer than it ever did before.  Mine is also "clotty" (ewe, lol) and it never was before.
  • Longer and heavier!  Terrible.  Booooooooooooooo.
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    I've only had one so far but everything was worse. Cramps, face breakout, heavier flow, and it was an extra day or two longer than used to be. Ugh. Oh and I had a vag birth.


    This, but I've had more than one  :-( It sucks! These are how my periods used to be before I started bc way back in high school...ugghh 

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  • My periods don't hurt at all anymore! Not a single cramp, and I've had about 6. The flow is totally unpredictable, though, and they last longer.
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  • My first few periods were HORRIBLE.  I'm thinking it was maybe 3 cycles.  Now they're back to normal.  I hope they get better for you!
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  • I've had 3 now, and they're awful. Heavier flow, and painful cramping. I had painful cramping before, though, so that's not too different. 

    I've been getting bad ovulation cramping, though. That's almost worse than period cramps! 

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  • Glad you posted this b/c I was about to do the same.  

    About a week before I am set to get my period, I get this horrible achy pressure/pain in my vag like when I was just about to give birth in my last trimester.  I have only had 2 pp periods (I a still bf), but it happened on the first one and now again going on my third period.  It hurt so bad I had to take a 600mg Ibuprofen pill to ease the pain.  Anyone else have this?  I figure it is ovulation pain, but so low?  I had a vag birth in case that makes a difference.

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