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Seasonal allergies at 2y?

DD is 26m. Last night, she woke up crying at 3am complaining of "boogies." She never wakes up at night unless something is wrong, and I figured she was coming down with a cold.

However...first day of a cold for her usually means she's leaking from the nose like a faucet and totally miserable. She woke up today fairly happy, with only traces of congestion. She's definitely crankier than usual and has watery eyes and is rubbing her nose, but still...doesn't seem like a typical cold.

Anyway, has anyone's toddler this young had seasonal allergies? The trees in this area have recently exploded and H has been miserable today. I doubt it's coincidence that the day his allergies get bad, she wakes up cranky with congestion.

What was prescribed if your toddler has been through this? Thanks, mamas.
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Re: Seasonal allergies at 2y?

  • I have moderate allergies so I did my research on what to expect for ds. Most of the research says kids don't get allergies until at least 2 because they have to be exposed to the allergen first then the next year they have allergies. Well last year during a time when my own allergies were bad my ds got what I thought was a cold that was aggravating his allergies. I took him to the pedi who looked at his eyes and said it seems like it is allergies. After I told her how I was feeling she was convinced that was what ds has. He takes children's zyrtec (OTC) and it is better for him. If your h is suffering right now I'd bet your lo has inherited the allergies. Call your pedi to be sure.

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  • My son does and has for about a year now.  He is almost 3 yrs old.  I give him OTC Zyrtec for kids, it has to say the one for kids 2 and up.  It seems to help.  If I don't give it to him for a few days he gets all stuffy and congested.
  • Yep!  Our pedi has him on 1/2 tsp of Children's Zyrtec nightly.  The cottonwood trees get all of us this time of year here in OK!!



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  • We do a half dose of childrens Zyrtec in the morning and at night.  If we miss even one dose she will start to get a runny nose and if we miss two the eye itching and watering starts.
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  • Yup, starting spring at 20ish months. When you can, my pedi said at 2, start giving him raw local honey. It has to be local. It is not immediate but if you give a little at least several times a week for the better part of a year, the allergies are MUCH better. I put LO's in her peanut butter substitute and oatmeal each of which she eats a couple times a week, and this spring I SWEAR they are noticeably better. The last 2 springs and falls I've had to give her Benadryl at bedtime or she wakes up coughing.

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    Thanks, mamas. Turns out she was brewing something bigger, as she came down with a 102 fever last night and it hasn't broken. But I appreciate the insight nonetheless! And it's quite possible that at least one of our kids will develop allergies since H has them so bad, so I will tuck away the advice for the future. :]
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  • She doesn't take it every day but her pediatrician ok'd OTC Children's Claritin or Zyrtec on an "as needed" basis.  She is 27 months.
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