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GTKY: who cooks?

I asked my husband to BBQ some rins for dinner, he said he didn't know how. Needless to say I'm doing it, which is no big deal. It for me thinkin though who does most of the cooking at your house? Is it split, you cook more, spouse, does he do certain things and you do others?
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Re: GTKY: who cooks?

  • Boo0512Boo0512
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    My DH is basically helpless when it comes to feeding himself. I do ALL of the cooking.

    Once, when I wasn't home he acutally called to ask me how to make a can of soup.

    He is an electrical engineer but Campbell's stumped him. Confused

  • Definitely me.....Husband is a professional chef so he claims he is sick of cooking when he gets home. He does all the chopping and prep though so I can't complain.

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  • Hahaha I dont think MH can cook anything that isnt popping it in the microwave. I do all the cooking. He keeps saying he wants to learn and start helping out but so far he hasnt.
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  • Usually me.  I enjoy it more and cook more healthy.

    DH has a few go-to meals that he's good at, but new recipes stress him out--"how big should diced tomatoes be?  Are dark red kidney beans and light red kidney beans the same thing?  We're missing one of the 10 spices this calls for!  We only have skim milk, not 1%!" so he usually needs some supervision... I mean support when he tries them.   

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  • kmcd23kmcd23
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    Normally me. I like to cook, and I have way more time than he does. But lately, he cooks for me when he's home, so I can relax. He's pretty good, too, as long as there's a recipe. And he's a pancake master!
  • motangmotang
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    I do all of the cooking. Sometimes my husband offers to cook if I tell him what to do step-by-step.  He's so slow and methodical that I usually get frustrated and end up cooking instead. 
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  • We share the cooking. DH has been stepping up more lately now that it is getting harder for me to stand for a long period of time.
  • rea1687rea1687
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    My H does his fair share of cooking. Although I am the one to always wash the pots and pans afterwards.

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  • Mostly me because I'm home but he grills in the summer
  • My husband can't cook anything. I don't even like him heating up soup or baking frozen foods, it looks like a tornado hit our kitchen! I'm a pretty good cook, thanks to spending so much time with my grandma.

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  • My husband does about 90% of the cooking in this house, and it's always been that way. He's an amazing cook and also bakes a mean baguette!
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  • I do all of the cooking. My F doesn't nor has he cooked since we've been together. Well, he boiled a pack of hot dogs heated a can of baked beans, put the hot dogs in the beans and gave it to me because I wasn't feeling good. It actually wasn't that bad and he A for effort :)

  • My husband does more of the "fancy" cooking- anything involving sea food, steaks or ribs, or pot roasts with pan sauces, etc.  I do the plain, every night, gotta feed the family week night cooking, with a few exceptions.  I'm also a baker.

    For Thanksgiving, he cleans, stuffs and roasts the turkey, I handle all of the sides.


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  • pnutgpnutg
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    My husband cooks more than me and sadly, is just better at it. I'm still working on it.
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  • We share, but he has done more since me getting pregnant. He is a good cook (:
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  • I lucked out and MH does most of the cooking! I help and cook occasionally, but he is the one with the real kitchen skills. I am pretty much his sous chef and just help him out. He keeps me and baby well fed!
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    I do 98 percent of the cooking. DH really only does meatballs, which we rarely have.
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  • I do most of the cooking. DH does sometimes, but he is sooo slow lol. It seriously take the man 45 minutes to make eggs and toast, let alone a full dinner..we wouldn't eat til 11.
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  • I cook everyday. Husband will make breakfast one day on the weekends... Once in a blue moon I'll get a fancy dinner cooked by him.
  • When we first started dating, MH used to cook the most amazing meals for me.  Now his idea of making supper is ordering pizza.  On my b-day, he offered to make me a nice dinner like he used to.  I was hoping for steak, his awesome seafood dish, maybe even a lovely fresh pasta.  Nope, he threw a roast in the slow cooker and boiled some potatoes. 


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  • ALP514ALP514
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    My DH loves to cook and has been so helpful during my pregnancy. He works during the day and since im on modified bed rest and home all day I try to do as much cooking as I can but he doesnt hesitate to cook 3 or 4 nights a week. He went to cooking school back in Europe so lets say i thoroughly enjoy when he cooks :) 

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  • blush64blush64
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    My husband can cook certain things but I cook more often. I do most of the cleaning or I did until recently. He has been doing a lot more lately but after the baby is here I will be taking back more of what I used to do. It's not completely equal but it works.
  • vic1011vic1011
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    I cook...and I clean up.  Humph.  Good thing he's cute!
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  • I DH is a master at take out, I'm pretty sure he can make cereal. Other than that cooking is all on me.
  • I do all the cooking although he does like to cook if it's on the BBQ. He burns things mind you. He does make ond dish for me every once and a while: salmon and steamed potatoes with asparagus.
  • rebaannrebaann
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    Oh, I definitely cook.  I get home first, I like doing and, frankly, I'm better at it.  DH does dishes.
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  • I do the majority of the cooking, because he doesn't get home til 730 from work, but I really enjoy it. However, when he is off, he does share in it, AND he is good. There are a few meals that I don't touch, because they are his specialties. His dad was the better cook growing up, so he learned a lot from his dad.

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  • This made me think of my hubby because he just started learning to grill a year ago. It was touch a go for awhile - hockey puck burgers anyone? But he is getting better and his grilled salmon is the best! But ALL other cooking is me. If it doesn't grill, I'm making it! Which is 80% of the time. 
  • KLJ3KLJ3
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    DH is definitely the cook. He has more skills, patience, and efficiency [you should see how long it takes me to peel, slice, or dice something]. That, and by the time I'm done making a meal, I want absolutely nothing to do with eating it. I'm more of a "Cheerios for dinner" type girl.

    DH is better at just about everything domestic. He's manly, too!

    On the bright side, I enjoy baking. So I guess I'm not completely useless.
  • Me.  I do most of the housework, too.  He works a lot of hours, so I take care of most of the house stuff, but he helps when I need it.  
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