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Earlier this week, I think, someone commented on another post about how they hadn't been pulling down the skin on their LOs penis far enough and their pedi had to "snip" it or something. Our pedi NEVER mentioned anything about this, and now I'm totally paranoid about it. I do pull it down to clean it because they're. Very messy with his butt paste at day care, but how far are you supposed to be able to pull it down?!
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  • That was me. My big ole boy is chubby around his business so it pushes the skin forward unless his penis is hard so I have to pull it back. I have to pull it allllll the way back now so I can see the whole penis, everything you would see if it was hard. It had reattached toward the base so she just kind of ripped the skin and pushed it back. I have to keep ointment on it and push it back with every diaper.
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  • For a long time I didn't realize you had to pull the skin down and clean it either. Different things I read said it would naturally do it (unattach?) on its own. When my DS was about a year (new ped.) the Dr had to pull it back (it bled) because it had slightly reattached. It kept trying to reattach and it took a long time to heal. My poor boy was in a lot of pain for a long time. He was afraid for us to go near there! Thankfully everything is fine - has been for a while. Definitely keep up with that.
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  • Thanks for your responses! Hopefully we've been doing alright with it...I guess we will find out for sure at our appointment next week! I'll try to stop freaking out until then...
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  • I am really gentle and wipe it each time I do a diaper change.  A friend whose little guy had to be re-circumcized coached me on it and told me if he seems uncomfortable ever just do it when you are washing in the tub as the warm water may help or he could be distracted a bit.
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    My pedi told me to not push the skin down if the baby is not circumcise. 
  • This sort of happened to us. When he was circumcised I was told not to worry about it.  Well, I noticed about 3 months later that you could see the "ridge" along most of it, but for a tiny bit of the head, the ridge was gone because the skin had attached.  

    The doctor then forcefully ripped it down.  He didn't cry or anything hardly noticed.  But some of it is still attached.  I'm slowly getting it to unattach. 

    not fun! 

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