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How long is baby sleeping?

How many hours during the day does your LO sleep?

The other day, LO only slept twice for one hour each and he was up from 6 am to 9 pm.  I literally couldn't get off the couch due to having to hold him and feed him.  He ended up sleeping for four hours straight once he finally fell asleep at 9 but I thought he would sleep more during the day.  He's 3 wks today. The first two weeks he would only be awake for about 20 minutes to feed every two-three hours but this past week he's been feeding every hour for only about 5 minutes but not sleeping in between, just fussing. I'm aware of growth spurts and that changing feeding frequencies but I thought he'd be sleeping more than he is.  I read that a newborn sleeps 14 hours a day but I don't think LO is even close to that.

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Re: How long is baby sleeping?

  • When she is FULL she will sleep for 3 hrs max.   Most of the day it's 1 to 1.5hrs, sometimes more sometimes less. 


  • The first 4 weeks we were pretty lucky to get 3 hours, sometimes 4.  The rest of the time it was 1.5-2 hours between feedings.  Good things are coming though!  Liv slept 8 hours last night for the first time and she is 6.5 weeks!  
  • Sounds like the 3 week growth spurt. DD3 is 5 weeks now and generally takes one good 2 hour nap during the day. Otherwise she's nursing, sleeping while nursing, or taking a 20 minute cat nap. I'm surprised she doesn't have more happy awake time by now, but I guess every baby is different.
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  • For my son it depends on the day. He tends to stay awake for 2 hour stretches, sometimes even 3 hours and then sleeps 2 hours in between. He usually takes a 4 to 5 hour nap, which I am trying to get him to do at night. No success yet but there's been progress. He usually only wakes up twice at night. I also think that his daytime sleeping depends on whether we are home or out visiting family and whatnot.
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  • she's only 8 days old, but she is still super, super sleepy.  I was waking her to eat every 2 hours during the day, but she would fight it so hard and she's already almost to birth weight so I wait until she stirs which is about every 2.5-3 hours.  She nurses for about half an hour and then stays awake for anywhere from 0-10 minutes before going back to sleep.. She has been doing about 3-3.5 hours at night.  I'm waiting for her to be more awake during the day, but trying to relax and let her sleep for now.
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  • Every day, DD is awake more during the day, and every night, her sleep stretches a little longer.  The last couple days, she has been nursing every 1-2.5 hours, sometimes falling asleep between feedings, sometimes not.  I haven't been trying too hard to get her to sleep during the day, because our nighttimes are getting to be pretty nice.  The last couple nights, she has been sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch, then a 3-4 hour stretch.  I'm counting my blessings right now, I don't think I can be this lucky forever!
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    Jonah is doing 4 hours max right now.
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  • During the day, Emma sleeps for about 3 hours, diaper changes, feeds and then goes back to sleep for another 3 hours or so. More if we're out and about... However, at night, usually around her 7pm feeding she'll stay awake for the most part from 7 until we go to bed at 10:30 and then she feeds and then sleeps in 3-4 hour increments. I am enjoying the blocks of sleep time! She has gone 5 hours before and I woke up in a panic thinking she wasn't breathing, I normally wake her up if she hasn't started to stir yet and change her diaper and then feed her before she really even wakes up, she'll sleep even longer after that... we're pretty lucky so far! 

    It's funny cause the time she is really awake was her super active time in my belly.... wonder if it's a coincidence or not? 

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