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Rolling over in a sleep sack

Are there any safety issues with Los wearing sleep sacks and rolling over in the cribs? Is it just harder for them to maneuver when wearing one?

Re: Rolling over in a sleep sack

  • No safety issue if it is just a regular sleep sack (not swaddle) that fits well.  My DD could do anything in her sleep sack, including walking.  She just stopped wearing one in January when she moved to a twin bed.
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  • As long as it's not a swaddle and their arms are free, no issue.
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  • Not sure if its related to the sleep sack but DD just started rolling and would cry middle of the night because she seemed to be having trouble.  Last night we put her in footsie pajamas and no middle of the night crying.  She likes to sleep on her side and we could see on the video monitor she was struggling.  Again, not sure but seemed like it may have been the sack.
  • No safety issues.  My boys both slept in Halo sleepsacks for 2 years.  And they didn't have any problems moving around or standing up.  Definitely much safer than sleeping with a loose blanket, plus it can't be kicked off during the middle of the night. 
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  • It's safe. My DD's head was at the opposite end of her crib the other night when I got her up in the morning. That is a whole lot of wiggling!

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  • No issue.  DS1 wore one for forever, even after he was standing/walking.  He was like my little Maggie Simpson in his crib.

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  • C wears a sleep sack and sleeps on her tummy every night. The bottom part I wider, so her legs can move more.
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