trying to BF after EPing

Hi ladies. My son was in the NICU for the 1st 10 days of his life. He's now almost 6 weeks old and we've been trying to get him back to breast since he came home from the hospital. He is nursing well (or so it seems). He eats, I see him swallowing, he gulps, it really looks like he's eating well. He will eat for 15-20 minutes and seem content. Then 10 min later he's acting starving again, so I put him back to breast, sucks well, hear swallowing, etc. Then a few min later he acts hungry again, until eventually he refuses the breast and screams until I give him a bottle.

I plan on doing a weighed feeding next week to see how much he's getting. I'm not sure if he just got used to the supplement after, or if he's truly still hungry. Can he look like he's nursing well but not be transferring milk? I have a great supply, I pump 40oz/day or more in addition to his BF sessions.

I can't keep pumping, I have a 2yo and a 6week old and it's too much. But I don't want to lose my supply either, so I'm hesitant to back off until I do a weighed feeding, and I'm sure he's eating enough.

Currently I pump 8am, 12p, 4p, 8p, 2a for 15 min, and nurse him from 8a-8p whenever he wants and we're home. I do not BF him at night because I don't want him up every 20 min. He takes 4oz from a bottle and will sleep 5 hrs.

Any thoughts, suggestions?





Re: trying to BF after EPing

  • The way we got back to the breast and off supplements was to rent a scale and do weighed feedings for a week. It was a bit of a pain but gave me peace of mind that she was getting enough, since she had poor milk transfer issues at first. She did learn to transfer milk efficiently but it took a week for her to get to taking a full feeding at the breast routinely.  I still pumped/bottle fed at night for a week after that because it was faster (then BF became faster).
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