Can't decide. Vaginal with #1, C-section with #2, #3????

My first son was delivered via vaginal delivery.  My second son was via csection due to him flipping transverse halfway through labor (6cm).  I hated everything about the csection, from the actual delivery to recovery and I want a vaginal delivery so bad....... BUT I do not want to risk the baby's health or my own.

 I have a girlfriend who wanted to do a vbac, but the day she went into labor the doctor on call pushed the csection.  Once he got in, he said it was a good thing because her uterus at the scar was transparent, he could see the baby and she probably would have ruptured had she tried a vaginal deliery.  Now I am even more scared!

My doctor in the practice who I go to all the time is completly supportive of a vbac and actually against csections.  She said I am a terrific candidate because I have already had a vaginal delivery and I didnt have a csection because I wasnt progressing.  She even said she would break my water and start a low dose of pitocin to induce me, which another doctor said he would no way induce me with a vbac.  I had to get induced with both my boys, my kids never seem to want to come out.

Anyone having any thoughts on this? 

Re: Can't decide. Vaginal with #1, C-section with #2, #3????

  • The risk of rupture is so low, that I honestly barely thought about it. If you do rupture, the chance of anything happening to you and your baby is also really low. It does happen, but women and babies also die during c sections, so that is also something to consider. Unfortunately, doctors like to talk all day about the risks for a VBAC but breeze through the c section risks.

    I've seen women induced for VBACs with Pitocin. It is a big debate in the medical community. Some providers use it, some don't.

    Do you want more kids? That is also something to think about.

    It's a very personal decision and completely up to you, but make sure you do your research. You can contact your local ICAN chapter and they can usually steer you in the right direction for good resources and evidence based research on VBACs vs C sections.

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  • Not sure I was clear: If your uterus ruptures, most of the time it doesn't mean that any harm will come to you or your baby. I didn't know that until I was researching VBACs and then became an L&D nurse.
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  • You are a very good candidate for VBAC. Keep listening to your current doctor, she sounds great.
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  • I am going for a vab3c this time around with a midwife I found on the ICAN FB page! I am so exited to birth naturally and not have the unnecessary Ob threats and interventions this time around.
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    You are a very good candidate for VBAC. Keep listening to your current doctor, she sounds great.

    This.  I'm in a similar situation: Vaginal DD1, C/S DD2 was breech, VBAC DD3.I'm just hoping DD3 cooperates and stays head down.  Honestly, I trust my OB and her judgement of my chances.  She even talked about the same measures if I go late but favorable (Break water, low dose pitocin).

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    I'm sorry not to be disrespectful but I always laugh when people say my scar was thinning I needed a c-section.  Skin stretches, scars will thin- that doesn't mean its going to rip open.  If it did, every pregnant women with stretch marks would need c-sections.

    My 1st was a homebirth, 2nd c-section due to placenta abruption and 3rd a HVBAC.  My first 2 kids were 5 lbs and my 3rd was 7lbs.  My midwife and I laughed about it because people always use size as a way to scare people from VBACs and look at me- I had a 2lbs bigger baby and all was well. 

     I always quoted this cite for people when they tried to scare me (its about odds of having an abruption); http://misskalypso.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/relative-risks-of-uterine-rupture/

    I think most (NOT ALL) doctors would prefer c-sections.  It means more money, less risk on their insurance policy and it takes less of their time.  JMO.


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