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Paranoid and not sure what to do (kind of long)

I have polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) and also tested positive for Anti Big E early in my pregnancy and have been getting the baby monitored twice weekly through non-stress tests and ultrasound/fluid checks since 33 weeks. Everything was going fine until today (baby was passing all his tests and my antibody level has stayed low).  When they hooked me up to the monitor this morning, baby boy was moving frantically but his heart rate was much lower than normal.  He eventually stabilized and went on to pass his biophysical during the ultrasound.  They did monitor me slightly longer than normal, but basically said that he probably just leaned on his cord causing his heart rate to drop (although initially with the way he was moving so much, the nurse said that he could be caught up in it).  Cord complications are one of the risks of polyhydramnios, along with still birth, and also pre-term labor (at least this one I don't need to worry about now that I've hit 37 weeks).  The doctor told me that I shouldn't worry, that if the baby was truly compromised he would not have recovered as quickly and would have shown signs of distress during the biophysical.  She said to just monitor his movements and to call if I feel like his movement has decreased (which have basically been my instructions all along).

But of course now I am paranoid that he's going to get caught up on the cord again.  Earlier in the week, my OB told me that I could be induced at 39 weeks, given the complications I've had and the fact the baby was already over 6 lbs at my 36 week growth ultrasound.  The MFM specialists haven't recommended induction but I don't think they would be against it once I get to 39 weeks.  I really feel like it's not my place to choose our baby's birthday without a good reason.  But now I'm so worried I wonder if it's just better to schedule it and get him out of there.  I guess I'll talk to DH about it tonight.

I just needed to get those thoughts out.  Thanks, ladies. 


Re: Paranoid and not sure what to do (kind of long)

  • Go home, talk to your H and make the best decision for your family.  An induction at 39 weeks is completely understandable given the complications you have been having. And if your Dr has suggested it, they obviously don't feel like it would hurt the baby.
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  • Me personally, I would opt for the induction. I really don't think the whole "choosing the birthday" concept applies to your situation. It really is a matter of the safety of your baby at this point.

    The reason I would go for the induction is really just to have a piece of mind, and knowing there is more at this point they can do with the baby outside than in. 

     Good luck! But if you do choose to induce, I don't think you should feel bad about that choice. Sorry you have to go through this, that has to be really difficult and scary. 

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  • There's a huge difference between choosing his birthday and following the advice of your medical care provider. It doesn't have to be an emergency to be the right decision. Good luck and I hope everything goes well!
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  • If everyone is on board and agrees with it, I'd say a 39 week induction would be perfectly understandable given the situation. 
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  • Induction is not evil. I was induced with DS, and went into labor about 3 hours before my scheduled induction with this LO. I would schedule the induction. On one hand, you could have a baby who wasn't quite ready to come out. I've BTDT, and while it's not great, it is completely manageable. OTOH, you could wait, but if a cord accident is the possibility there, I pick the induction.GL! And keep us posted.
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  • Thank you all for your advice and words of encouragement.  I am going to speak to DH tonight and we will make a decision, but I am leaning towards scheduling the induction.  Until this morning, getting monitored was giving me enough peace of mind, but today was scary, and I think now that baby boy will probably be safer with me on the outside after 39 weeks given the risks.  
  • They told me this morning I have excessive amniotic fluid thst they want to monitor. They did not tell me about these risks from it. Cue freakout. GL with your induction if you get one
  • Hang in their sweetie, sending T&Ps for you, induction or not, you need to do what you believe is the safest option for your baby!
  • If your doctors are supporting it, I'd go for the induction.  You're technically full term now.  I'd be on the "safer on the outside" side of it.
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