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Sick kid, WWYD?

When I dropped Lydia off at school today, one of her classmates was there with her mom but her mom didn't bring her little sister along like she usually does. The baby is a month older than my babies so almost 2 years old. One of the other parents asked the mom where the baby was and she said she was sick with a tummy bug so she stayed at home with Grandma. The mom asking the question said if one of her kids is sick like that, she keeps them both home because the not sick kid could still bring the germs to school to his classmates. First off, I thought that was kinda rude for her to say. Second, it seemed kinda farfetched. I mean, could that really happen?? If one of your kids had a tummy bug, would you keep your other kids home from school?
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Re: Sick kid, WWYD?

  • Ummmm no.  I don't have one than one, so mute point.  Regardless, I would never do that.  My parents never did that.  You are well, you go to school. What if one kid has a sucky immune system, is sick all the time, but the other kid doesn't? Seems weird.
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  • No I have never done that.  I only keep the sick one home.  There have been many times where the non-sick kid never catches what their sibling had.

    I get where the other lady is coming from since they say you are most contagious before any symptoms show up but still I think that's just going overboard by keeping a child who isn't showing any symptoms home "just in case" they are also carrying the virus.

  • la79alla79al
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    My kids very,very rarely catch what the other one has.  At the same time, I have considered having healthy child skip something because they might be contagious since the other one is sick. My stepdaughters mom works at a daycare and supposedly brings illnesses home to SD (11) all the time (without getting sick herself) so who knows. 
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  • I thought the one mom was being weird but I started to wonder a little. With 3 kids, I can't imagine keeping all of them home because one is sick. No one would go to school all winter if I did that!
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  • I wouldn't keep my non-sick kid home from school, but they could absolutely be carrying germs that could get others sick.  It's just kind of a chance you take in a setting like that.  I think if they were exposed to something particularly nasty (not sure what off the top of my head) I might keep them out to see how things go, but not for something run of the mill.  I get where the other mom is coming from, but I don't think the practice is realistic.
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  • People need to stop being germaphobes. Seriously.

    Yes, the other kid could be carrying the germs that would, in turn, make others sick. But it's ridiculous to keep them home.

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  • I would not keep my healthy kids home because of one sick child.  They go to school if they are not sick!

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  • trizzietrizzie
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    I send my som to school if he is well. But the stomach bug always rips through our family with a vengeance.
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  • Xtine22Xtine22
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    I only have one but no the other would be going to school.

    I used to work in daycare/preschool and most parents would bring the nonsick kid to school. Even when they had to pick up a sick children would still leave the nonsick child at school. That one never made sense because if it were me I would pick them both up so I didn't have to make a trip out again. In less I was taking the sick one to the doctor then it made sense.

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  • Rude mom just sounds like a paranoid germaphobe

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  • No I sent ds2 to preschool when ds1 had a tummy bug and this week ds1 went and kept ds2 home for strep. Neither time did the other get sick. I would keep my other kid home for something more serious like if one had the flu since its such a dangerous bug for certain kids.
  • No way. I regularly have one kid who gets sick and the other two don't catch it at all.

    I have kept DS1 home because he seemed really tired in the morning and out of sorts, but with no fever or other symptoms. I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but DS2 was sick, so I kept DS1 home from preschool and sure enough, he was sick by the next day. So I definitely err on the side of caution, but I don't keep perfectly healthy kids home. 

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