help with moving up

Hey ladies,

I don't usually post on this board but I'm hoping to glean some wisdom from you all. My daughter will be a year old this month and she is getting to heavy and big for her infant seat and its time to move up.  

I've been looking for weeks at car seats and I just can't decide. I'm also pregnant and I'm wondering if its smarter to spend $150 - $200  on a convertible or if I should go cheap with a $50 - $100 non convertible that I can pass down to my next baby when the time comes.   

 What are the pros and cons of the different options?

Re: help with moving up

  • I agree with Kate. Buy a convertible for your oldest now and let the baby use the infant carrier if it's not expired. You will probably end up having to buy a 2nd convertible no matter what unless you buy those all-in-ones.
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