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Celebrating Mothers-To-Be on Mother's Day

Mother's day is quickly approaching and I am wanting to celebrate it with my mother-to-be. I want her to know how much I appreciate her and that I know there are a lot of changes happening right now and as the mother of our future little one that she means the world to me. As a first time (excited, nervous, insert emotion here) dad, I need some advice on how to make this day special for her.


Re: Celebrating Mothers-To-Be on Mother's Day

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    How far along is she?  Maybe a massage.  Take care of everything around the house.  Make her a nice meal.  Just pamper her.

  • I concur on the massage.  Make the day special for her.  Make breakfast, if it's nice outside go to the zoo or park.  Make the day all about her.  

  • Of course you would need her permission for this and tell her a couple days in advance so she can get ready for it...but ask her if she wants to take PROFESSIONAL PREGGO PICTURES TOGETHER!!!

    Nothin sweeter during pregnancy (besides feeling your baby inside you) than a man kissing or rubbing his wife's pregnant tummy, especially for a photo!!

  • Mani-pedi! I can't even reach my feet anymore....
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  • I got my wife a pre-natal massage.  Since we are only 9 weeks along, I just got a gift card for the value or it.  She can use it whenever she needs to.
  • All these ideas are great (especially the massage!) but you should also TELL HER! Write it down in a card, and let her know how much you love and appreciate her, and how much you're looking forward to meeting the child you created with the love of your life. Even if you say "I love you" multiple times a day, there is just something so...touching and heartfelt about hearing it, or about reading it, and having that little card to keep and read again and again when she's feeling low or exhausted or like the worst mother in the world (she probably won't be, but every mother has this feeling at least once, so I've heard), will brighten her day, or bring happy tears to her eyes.
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    Mani-pedi! I can't even reach my feet anymore....

    This is what I did for my wife last Mother's Day before the baby was here.  It really brightened her day to have the nails done. I don't pretend to understand the ladies and the nails, but it really does relax them.


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