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Help - Sleep Deprived and Clueless


 So my 1 year old daughter is totally not on a sleeping schedule.  She takes two naps during the day while my parents are watching her, but she will not fall asleep at night until anytime between 11:00pm-12:30am.  I have finally had a breakdown because I cannot deal with only 4 1/2 hours of sleep anymore before I have to get up for work.

Does anyone have suggestions for me on what time she should be going to sleep and how to get her to sleep in her crib without screaming like someone is killing her?  It is hard to let her cry because people live above us.  We do have a routine, between 5-5:30 she has dinner, 7:30pm is usually a bath and then 8:00pm is a bottle (which I always hope is her last, but it doesnt work out like that).  Ideally, I would like her to fall asleep after that 8:00pm bottle. She does sleep in our bed because it is easier for me not to have to go back and forth all night, but of course I would like her to sleep in her crib.

Help!  Thanks!

Re: Help - Sleep Deprived and Clueless

  • Oh dear.  That sounds awful. Sad

    So if your DD doesn't go to sleep until 11:30-midnight, what time is she waking in the AM?  What about her naps, what time are those and for how long?   Where does she nap for your parents during the day?  On them, in a PNP, in her crib?  How does she act between 8PM-11:30PM?  Is she cranky and overtired?

    I can't remember the exact timing for a 1 year old, but according to the No Cry Sleep Solution, I *believe* a baby the age of our LOs should be sleeping anywhere from 10-12 hrs at night and 2-3 hours during the day for naps.   You'd have to look that up to be certain that info in accurate.  Have you talked to your pedi about sleep habits and/or sleep training?

    (((hugs, momma)))

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  • Is there any way you can drop the second nap? My LO was staying up until 11pm too, then we dropped that last nap in the late afternoon (she was taking one around 4pm) and now she goes down around 8-8:30pm every night.



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    I would try an earlier bedtime.  Aim for 7pm last bottle in a dark quiet room and put her down after that.  If you "miss the window" they get their 2nd wind or just get too overtired to calm down.

    What time does she usually wake in the morning?  What time are her naps?

    The changes may take a while, but be consistent and hopefuly she gets the message.

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  •  I recommend the book 'The Sleep Easy Solution'. It has fantastic information. But more importantly it helps you develop a game plan and execute it. I continue to go back to it to help us as the next hurdle approaches as there are tips for all age categories. It is my most referenced book on my kindle.

     Based on what it taught me, a routine needs to be in place. I kept putting it off but once I had enough of being exhausted, I did it and we were ALL sleeping better within days.


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