Great, now on bedrest

Yay. //sarcasm font here//

Went in for a routine appmt this morning and due to continued high BP, I am being sent back to the hospital AGAIN (this will be my 2nd time to L&D) for more PEP panel & monitoring.

my OB has ordered me out of work on medical disability, effectve immediately. I wasn't expecting this - I was planning to finish out this month and there is no replacement for me over my maternity leave (16 weeks) coworkers were going to kind of piece it together so they're going to be scrambling now 4 weeks early.

It's modified best rest. Which is going to be interesting but at least DD is in daycare M-F all day and my H isn't traveling for work any more. Thank God for that.

OK, off to the hospital now. Crying  Things could be way worse, I know. I just was NOT expecting this and anyone who knows me IRL knows that I don't stop moving. I am always doing something. Toddler, house, dog...we don't have much help, either - my parents are close by but not exactly the really helpful type. Ugh, we'll make it work. It's only 6 weeks.

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Re: Great, now on bedrest

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