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Out in public?

How old was your LO before you took them out in public grocery store, mall, etc? Just wondering to prevent germs...?

Re: Out in public?

  • My DS was 6 or 7 days old when we first took him into a store.  A lady in the store was looking at him and asked me how old he was.  When I told her she responded by say "And you have him out already?!"  Made  me feel horrible but he was just fine!!
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  • My LO is 10 days old, we haven't taken her out yet. We have gone outside in the sunshine but nowhere in public. Our first outing will likely be around 23 weeks.



  • We went for a city shopping trip last week at 3 weeks, but had her in the local grocery store a few times before then.
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  • I took LO to the mall at 7 days but I didn't let anyone look at him when they asked! I didn't want a bunch of random faces and germs being shoved in his face.
  • We had to go out yesterday with her at 4 days... We were missing quite a few essential items that we did not realize we would need. There were quite a few people who came up but nobody tried to touch her. I probably would have lost it if they tried. ;

  • MH and sister took him to the grocery store when he was 4 days old. I've taken him to restaurants, my work, and the grocery store since then. He mostly just stays in his car seat and no one really tried too bother him.




  • Our LO hasn't been anywhere except the pediatrician. He'll be 2 wks tomm. We're trying to keep him in until we hit the 6 wk mark but my oldest went out at 3 wks old in December flu season I was young and didn't really consider the germ factor, but he was fine.
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  • We went out to dinner last night (3 days postpartum) and Fiona slept in her car seat the entire time so it wasn't a big deal in my opinion. 
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  • Ds's first big public outing was at two weeks. We brought him to my work but kept him in the stroller/carseat covered up for the most part. People peeked at him but no one really touched. We did one quick trip to the store prior to that that and he was closed up in stroller.
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  • We've taken her out to the grocery store at 11 days and then again at 2 1/2 weeks, and church at 2 1/2 weeks. I think as long as no one is smothering your Lo, they'll be ok. I just had to get out of the house!
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  • DD3 was 4 days old when we went to church on Easter Sunday. We came home from the hospital the day before.
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  • We went to the library at 5 days old.
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  • She is 5 weeks and I take her out all the time. My pediatrician said its fine and she loves going places! I just don't let people touch her or get close to the carrier. Just be prepared to be confrontational with strangers because they will try to get close to your LO
  • He was 17 days old when I brought him to the mall. That was mostly because I hadn't gotten a chance to put his car seat in until that point. Since then he's been to restaurants and the beach and today he's going to the laundromat with us. 
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  • I took DD to the mall with my mom at 12 days old. It wasn't very crowded, and no one really got that close.
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  • Ds is two weeks and has been to the grocery store, Target, out to lunch outdoor seating and Hobby Lobby. When shopping, I keep him in his seat and covered up, plus have a slightly crazy lady on a mission look. No strangers have tried to peak or touch!

  • We did a quick target run for groceries and a few needs at 10 days old. I carried her in the sling and didn't let anyone look or touch.  I also didn't touch anything, I told DH what to get. 

     We then we out at 14 days - DH last day home - we went to the park, lunch, and for ice cream.  Had her in the stroller and let a few people peek in but no touching allowed.   


  • We went to target at 2 weeks, I had to GET OUT!  Since then we've gone to a few restaurants, the grocery store, and garden ridge pottery.  Only one person asked to see him, he wasn't even covered she was just trying to be nice instead of creeping on my baby, lol.  I think most people don't approach me because my "natural face" is kinda mean looking, or so my 7th grade students tell me.

    I'm going to take him to my school to visit co-workers around 6 weeks.  Our pedi said going places isn't a big deal but  for really crowded places (like the school or church where lots of people are going to want to touch him) to wait until he's around 6 weeks.   

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    At 2 weeks we took them to a restaurant. We were starving after a long photography session. We never let anyone touch the kids unless we know them and they've washed or sterilized their hands.
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  • LO is 3 weeks 3 days old and she has been out with me quite a few times since she was 4 days old.

    We've been to target, the grocery store, our weekly breastfeeding support group, etc. I took her to church for the first time on Sunday and today I took her with me to the dentist. The receptionists were so gracious and helpful when she had a slight meltdown!

    For the most part, I keep her covered and folks leave us be. One kid at church mighy be an issue because she keeps wanting to touch LOs hands, but I can handle keeping that kid in check. Because LO is a pastors kid, I know that she she's going to be around lots of people on Sundays and on days I take her to the office with me, so I know what precautions to take and am otherwise not too worried.
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  • We took my son to Target and BRU when he was 8 days old and we took him out to a restaurant with us when he was 9 days old. Today I took him to Target and Buy Buy Baby at 15 days old. He is in his carrier or the snap and go or his stroller at all times and no one touches him or even really gets close to him, so I'm not worried. Now we got invited to a small child's birthday party and decided not to do that because we knew it would be a crowd of people passing him around and kids and germs everywhere. So I think it depends on where you're going. Our pedi said not to take him around crowds until he is 6 weeks, but I don't think being tucked away in his carrier inside a cart at Target is really "in a crowd." Although I'm a pretty laid back mom usually. I would go stir crazy if we never left the house! We also go for lots of walks around the neighborhood in the stroller.


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  • I see I'm in the minority here... I've only taken DD to the pediatrician three times. I've been staying with my parents and grandmother, so I've been able to go out and have someone watch her. I would have no problem taking her out but my germaphobic grandmother gets all crazy at the mention of it. I'm planning to take DD out some time either this weekend or next week to have lunch with my mom. I'm moving back to my house next weekend, so I'll be taking her out more after that.
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  • J was born this Sunday. Tuesday I was at whole foods and target, wed ikea.... So yeah three days old
  • Also i am not about to let people touch her? But the hospital trips to
    Check bilirubin are probably my more germ infested.
  • LO was 9 days old when we took her out.  It was a quick trip to the grocery store.  We haven't taken her out in large places.  She was fine.
  • she is 3 weeks and won't take her out till her first shots

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  • momma82momma82
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    We've Been Out A Few Times....However, We Also Have a 2 1/2 Yr Old That Goes To Daycare.....so, Not Really Worried About Going Into Public :
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