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I have a baby!

Sorry I havent been around much I have been lurking because we just moved. Long story short we had a break in a few weeks ago and we just didnt feel safe in the apartment anymore so one thing led to another and we moved very quickly so Ive been disconnected from every thing!

Kind of a short birth story, we already knew that he was going to be an RCS because of the ASD and the impurforate anus issues so we had scheduled one for May 9th. I went in on Monday for my regular weekly apt. and had mentioned that I had a few sporadic contractions and wanted an internal. The conversation went as follows

"So I really dont want you to labor at all because of his heart"

"Ok, thats fine"

"youre sure that youre ok with that"

"Yes whatevers less stress on him Im good with it"

"Ok well then call your husband youre having a baby today youre already dilated to 5cm"


I hadnt had anything to eat that day just from generally feeling crappy at 3:30pm they sent me to the hospital and he was born via RCS at 7:28pm!

Vicente (Vince) Augustine born at 38w5d April 29th 7:28pm and clocking in at 9lbs 4oz and 19 3/4in!

He has his echo on friday but his bowel is doing well and there is no obstruction, hes eating like a champ and sleeping well giving me 4 hour stretches :) Hes an angel.

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