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turning a baby

At my apt on Monday doctor noticed my baby had flipped after being head down for close to a month. I met with another doctor to talk about turning the baby or just scheduling a c section. Well I really dont want a csection so today at 2:30 im going to the hospital to try to turn her.
Has anyone had a doctor turn their baby? Was it awful? Was it successful? Did it start your labor?

Ug im super anxious.


Re: turning a baby

  • I've heard versions are painful. Good luck to you today! I hope the baby turns easily.
  • I had one at 37 weeks with my first and it worked. It was more uncomfortable nd scary than it was painful. My Dr flipped the baby in about 60 seconds so it was over quickly (besides the monitoring before and after). It did not put me into labor and I went on to stay pg for 4 more weeks and delivered vaginally at 41 weeks. 

    Good luck! Hope it works for you. Just try to relax as much as possible.  

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  • I had one last week. It was extremely painful for me and it was not successful. The dr tried three different times to flip the baby but she was unable to dislodge his/her butt from my pelvis. The first 60 seconds were not so bad but then after the first break it got a lot worse. But baby has been breech since 25 weeks decided to flip at 34 head down but then flipped back at 35 weeks so maybe you will have an easier time.

    I was given a shot to relax my uterus and had to wait 20 minutes to make sure it was working and no allergic reaction. Before this they monitored both the baby's heart rate and uterus. Along with checking position with an ultrasound.

    Afterwards they did the same monitoring. Baby was pissed and super active so I had to be monitored for an hour and half (normally it's around 20-30 minutes here) until baby calmed down and was closer to the baseline. I had some braxton hicks contractions as well.

     I have mixed emotions on whether or not I am happy I had it done. I am sure if it was successful I would feel a lot better. Overall I guess I am happy to say I tried everything I could to try and turn the baby. There is the chance baby will flip again

     I have the option to go back next week and have it done again but I don't think I will. 

    My advice: It is hard not to be scary/anxious but the best thing is try to do some relaxtion things before you have it done. If you are stressed it will make it worse. Also remember at any time if you feel comfortable or worried just tell them to stop. My doctor and midwives in the room were really supportive and told me to tell them if it was too much. And if this happens don't feel too guilty. (I should take my own advice as I feel a little disappointed in myself even though there was nothing I could have/can do.

    And lastly, have your husband/partner/nurse or whoever is next to you for support coach you to breath with deep long breaths.  


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  • I had a version done. I was given terbutaline to relax my uterus and an epidural. I was thankful for the epidural because the two drs were pushing so hard onto my stomach. It wasn't painful but it sure did take my breathe away. I had to keep my eyes closed just so I could concentrate on trying to take slow deep breathes like I was told. My abdomen was really sore the next few days as well. Unfortunately even after three tries while I was there my LO barely budged. I will be getting a csection on Monday but I don't regret trying the version.

    ETA: my dr said that if baby is going to flip, they usually do it pretty easily and quickly during the version
  • I'm in the waiting room about to have one done. I'll let you know how it goes!
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  • I just had one on Monday and was successful. I didn't find mine painful, but definitely uncomfortable for about 60 seconds. Once his hips were disengaged from my pelvis it was fine. Like others, I got a shot of terb to relax my uterus, and then within 3 minutes the procedure was over. The doctor I went to does not do 2 doc versions because in his experience they caused more problems due to the amt of stress placed on the uterus. It definitely did not start my labor and aside from the lengthy monitoring after, it was a quick thing. Good luck with your appt!

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  • Thanks ladies. Im hoping since she was head down for so long and is now sideways she will flip easy. fingers crossed that it works!!!!11!!!!


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    I'm in the same boat.  After weeks and weeks of being head down, yesterday she decided to be sideways.  I go back on Wednesday and if she hasn't already moved, they are going to send me upstairs to try and turn her.
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