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Night at the hospital....not such a great weekend. Long.

I had a pretty scary weekend. I've been in Houston since 4/1 (planning to return to Seattle on 5/12) for my work. Last Friday I started seeing stars, had blackouts in my vision, and lost my peripheral vision on the right side for about 20 minutes, and had a sharp headache. I called my doctor since I have high BP and seeing stars is one of the signs for pre-e. They told me to go home, drink water, lay down, and see if I improved. I was fine in about 1 hour.

The same thing happened again on Sunday night, except I was in the orchestra pit playing an opera. I couldn't see my music or the conductor and basically played my part from memory. It was absolutely terrifying, and it lasted for 25 minutes. My parents were in Houston visiting me, and thankfully they were close by to pick me up after the concert and drive me to the hospital.

I was admitted to triage and the doctors were really worried. They determined that it was not pre-e (no protein loss or swelling, etc) but they wanted me to have an MRI and be tested by a neurologist. My high risk doctor even came in to the hospital on his day off to check on me (so nice of him). They decided to keep me overnight and have me hooked up to the fetal monitor all night, and then ran more tests in the morning. Everything came back normal, thankfully, and as far as they can tell, the pregnancy hormones are causing me to have migraines with aura (the vision loss). I've never had anything like that before. This is much less serious than everything else they were testing me for, which is good. But they think that they are triggered by a specific light situation which was present both times that the aura happened. 

They think it may happen again because of the lighting in the pit where we play, so I got put on medical leave from work and flew back to Seattle last night. I'm happy to be home and that our baby will be born here! I'm on modified bed rest and will have NST's 2 times per week. I'm so glad there's less than 7 weeks until the due date!

Anyways, I'm so happy that it's not as serious as it could be, and for the excellent care I got in Houston. Thanks to all of you that read this much....sorry it's so long, but it was a horrible weekend and I wanted to update you all. 

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Re: Night at the hospital....not such a great weekend. Long.

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