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Hospital tour!

We got to tour the hospital this evening! It kind of makes things feel more real. The hospital here is really great and I am getting excited about giving birth in a way! Lol two and a half months to go!
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Re: Hospital tour!

  • That's great! I think getting a tour will help me worry less. We are going to do one next week. The hospital we are going to will do a tour during normal business hours any day of the week since they usually aren't very busy. I'm really excited!
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  • I need to do this ASAP as I'm still wondering if I should try a home birth, but if the hospital looks nice then I may decide hospital...

     Did you have any specific questions for them? I'd like to be prepared to clarify things hehe 

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  • I was just at the hospital for my nieces birth in January. I might just skip the tour...I feel like I probably already know most of the ins and outs. Or, do you all think I should do the tour?
  • I think it's totally up to you if you want to do the tour. I had been to this hospital to visit friends after they had their babies, but this time I got to see the room that I would most likely be giving birth in! We got to see where exactly we check in and park etc and got to look around the labor and delivery room. I asked questions about what would be available to me such as birthing tub, stool, birthing ball, etc. I also asked about their policies visitors and guests were. At least at my hospital, they really give a lot of flexibility as long as the doctor signs off on it. If stuff is on my birth plan in advance, they can prepare for it and have it available more easily than if I just ask for it in the moment. This hospital also promotes immediate skin to skin and won't take the baby for an hour or until the first breast feeding and encourages rooming in. Overall it was just nice to get a feel for what the environment will be like and what they have there. A lot of my questions ended up being ones I found out are more between my OB and me. Hope that helps!
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