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Hi Ladies! Hope everyone is well.

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Question of the week:  What is something that you have experienced during pregnancy that no one had ever warned you about and you were completely unprepared for? Will you be warning unsuspecting pregnant women in the future about this?

Congratulations to these April Moms!

Lovelyday39 4/05/2013 ? Nathanial Thomas 7 lbs 12 oz, 19.5?

Danuli8  4/16/13 -                Daniel Ulrich 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 inches

MrsNukem 4/23/13  -          Samuel Vincent 5 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches

                                              Lillian Mary 5 lbs 1 oz, 18 inches

Technigirl   4/24/13   -         Asher Robert  9 lbs 4 oz, 21 inches

AliSarah  4/23/13 -               Curtis John   9 lbs 13 oz, 23 inches

Pregnant Moms by Due Date:  I know most of these ladies must have had their babies but I haven?t seen their updates.  I moved the March moms to the bottom but would love any updates anyone has to add.

April 2013

Angelnumber8 (Angela) 4/04/2013

Elizabethnseanny (Elizabeth) 4/05/2013 - Boy!

Mishmax11 (Michelle) 4/7/2013

Carol*Brady (Christine) 4/8/2013

Tcfreedom (Tiffany) 4/15/2013

Lilblt19 4/15/2013 ? Girl!

Hisbabygirl76 (Stephanie) 4/16/

Shellbear+ (Michelle) 4/23/2013 ? Girl!

Palamar (Chantel) 4/24/2013

Sheloveslan (Mariah) 4/27/2013

Dresch25 (Vicki) 4/29/2013 ? Team Green

Ba23Ba02 (Barb) 4/29/2013 ? Team Green

Michele707 (Michele) 4/30/2013


May 2013

Dhreczuck 5/2/2013 ? Boy!

Jennyandjasonsbaby (Jenny) 5/5/2013

Trevinosnm (Martha) 5/7/2013 ? Boy!

TXBride (Ami) 5/12/2013

Mndyhywrd (Mindy) 5/15/2013

MotherMayEye (Amy) 5/15/2013 - Girl!

mlwinkle (Michelle) 5/17/2013

McRib 5/18/2013

Drhibbard (MC) 5/19/2013

Petrastonegirl (Petra) 5/19/2013

jteneback 5/21/2013 ? Team Green

riorisa 5/22/2013

Rebaann (Rebecca) 5/23/2013 ? Girl!

Danafromslope 5/30/2013 ? TWINS!!

 June 2013

Danieleandwayne (Dani?le) 6/4/2013 ? Team Green

1Lump (Andrea) 6/5/2013 ? Team Green

JilliansMoma 6/6/2013 ? Team Green

Daphallen (Daphne) 6/10/2013 ? Boy!

Ocho2002 6/13/2013

VisciousKnitter (Sandy) 6/15/2013

Trootie2012 (Trootie) 6/16/2013

AZAmy77 (Amy) 6/17/2013 ? Boy!

Kimmy42 (Kim) 6/18/2013 ? Girl!

Bubbleleeboo (Lisa) 6/21/2013 ? TWIN BOYS!


July 2013

Beach72 (Kim) 7/2/13

Karen0477 (Karen) 7/3/13

Amypep (Amy) 7/5/2013

Superzuber (Sarah) 7/9/2013

Hlhinden (Heather) 7/13/2013 ? Girl!

Bethz13 7/15/2013 ? Team Green

SamanthaBaker 7/16/2013 ? Boy!

ASL71476 (Andrea) 7/17/2013

emikat (Christine) 7/21/2013 ? Boy!

Abeille 7/28/2013 ? Boy!

missymr (Mia) 7/29/2013 ? Boy!

honeyforlunch 7/31/2013


August 2013

SeaConquest (Monique) 8/1/2013 ? Boy!

Lucyspeople (Betsy) 8/8/2013 ? Boy!

Lilmrslay (Rachael) 8/9/2013 ? Girl!

Jkzinck (Jessie) 8/10/2013

Goatgirlnyc 8/11/2013 ? Boy!

AmyM72 (Amy) 8/22/2013

Bunnyfer (Sherri) 8/22/2013

Cali3674 (Cali) 8/25/2013 ? Team Green

Gscoville (Geneva) 8/29/2013 ? Team Green

Kestock120 (Kelly) ? 8/30/2013 ? Boy!


September 2013

Juicy71 (Dawn) 9/4/2013 ? Girl!

RedLucia   9/4/2013 ? Girl!

Kakhmama (Amy) 9/7/2013

Jerseymm09 (Sonia) 9/9/2013

Atlmommy (Tammy) 9/11/2013

Csh96 (Carla) 9/16/2013

Rubygirl 9/16/2013

DonnaMartinGraduates (Sarah) 9/30/13 ? Boy! 

October 2013

JackieA2013 10/3/2013

Stepharonius (Stephanie) 10/10/2013

Snapdragon 10/17/2013 ? TWINS!!

Jent5101 (Jen) 10/21/13 ? Girl!

Alicialgb (Alicia) 10/24/2013


November 2013

Suchatreat (Michelle) 11/1/2013

Nseeley (Nic) 11/2/2013

GracieBlue 11/2/2013

10-4 Lil Buddy (Aileen) 11/12/2013 ? TWINS!!

Irishgirl0525 (Lauren) 11/13/2013 ? Team Green

Hologram87 (Amy) 11/14/2013

CortneyK09 (Cortney) 11/22/13

Guennie (Guen) 11/25/13

December 2013

2ndGeneration ? 12/3/13

Psychobabble35 (Dana)  12/12/13

Carpenoctem  12/17/13

Icogburn (Iesha)  12/20/13

Happywifemomofone (Desneige) 12/23/13



March 2013

Beforesunrise (Ashley) 3/1/2013 ? Boy!

rosesarepink (Rose) 3/4/2013 ? Girl! (Tracy) 3/7/2013

CountryGirlInTheCity 3/8/2013 ? Girl!

KatieKnitsny (Katie) 3/14/2013

NBBride05 3/15/2013 ? Girl!

KKGgirlATL 3/18/13 (scheduled c/s) Team Green

Cktravel 3/19/2013 ? Green

Wildflower75 (Martha) 3/20/2013 ? Team Green

MT-Head 3/22/2013 ? Boy!

Redcatz (Kirsten) 3/25/2013 ? Girl!

Dbadura01 (Deanna) 3/26/2013 ? Girl!

Haribo 3/26/2013

Coquina (Melissa) 3/30/2013

MouserNY (Monica) 3/30/2013 ? Boy!

Indyrowergirl 3/31/2013 ? Boy!

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TTC since 3/2010. Me 41, DH-49. After 3 years, 6 IUIs and several IVFs we have finally have our beautiful baby girl, born on 11/7/13.

Re: Pregnant > 35 weekly check in...

  • AbeilleAbeille
    250 Answers 1000 Comments First Anniversary Combo Breaker

    UPDATES: I've made it to third tri, and while overall this pg has been easier than my first, I suddenly feel like I've been hit by a truck. I've started having low back pain when I've been on my feet for awhile and I am exhausted all the time. I've only gained 13 lbs at this point, but it feels like 100. A support belt I ordered just arrived today so I'm hoping that will help. Good news is I passed my 1 hour glucose with flying great to have that behind me!

    QOTW: I think it wasn't so much something that wasn't told to me, but mostly that there are just some things you have to experience to really understand. I expected to be tired and uncomfortable...I didn't expect to be this tired and uncomfortable. And my friends may have glossed over the leaking urine part ...but maybe it's better there's some things you don't know. 

    Me: 38, PCOS/ DH: 37

    DD born 12.21.09, conceived w/ injects and IUI

    TTC#2 since Nov 2011

    BFP 2.6.12 m/c 6w5d | BFP 5.25.12 c/p

    -Back to the RE-

    3 medicated IUIs, all BFN

    -Taking a break from treatment-

    BFP 11.20.12 ~ EDD 7.28.13

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  • Updates- We are almost to the finish line! I can't wait to find out if I'm having a boy or girl. I will be happy to put GD behind me and hope to never have to prick my finger for a blood test ever again. Starting to finalize my "nesting" and getting all the stuff ready for baby. 

    QOTW- Not so much something with PG but after birth. I wish someone would have told me how hard breast feeding was and to not put so much pressure on myself to exclusively breast feed. It was something I wanted to do really badly but I was in constant tears and peds office 3 times in the first week home, because my daughter was "failing to thrive". It sucked! I ended up breast feeding and bottle feeding concurrently and she was just fine. With DD#2 I didn't pressure myself so much and I had a much more relaxed experience.

    Congrats to all the cutie pies born recently and hope everyone is well, JM 

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    IF History in my Bio!

  • GuennieGuennie
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments Name Dropper First Answer
    Update: my nausea, though not yet gone, is gradually improving. I have been able to use my phone more and get on the computer a little without getting sick. Still no appetite, still fighting constipation. I am able to take just one Zofran a day now and it seems to do the job keeping the nausea at bay. I had to start on Prilosec because the acid reflux was getting so bad and nothing else was helping. I have begun to attempt getting up for awhile every day but I have so little energy I'm not able to accomplish much. Yesterday I actually tried to go to Marshall's to look for some new underwear because the elastic band in my usual brand has become too uncomfortable, I won't be trying that again until I'm feeling much better...just walking through a few aisles felt like climbing a mountain. I actually had to sit down in the middle of the store. But I'm only a week and a half away from second tri so I'm looking for that light at the end of the tunnel.

    QOTW: I wish someone had told me to expect my husband to be a total idiot about this pregnancy and that I would pretty much want to smack him upside the head at least every other day. The other day he was going to hang a gun rack in the baby's room. Here I am starting to plan designs for the nursery and he's going to hang a gun rack. When I said he couldn't hang it in there because that's going to be the baby's room he said it isn't the baby's room yet. Ya. Great direction you're thinking in, babe. So ya I will warn future moms to be that they're gonna have to have a lot of patience with their baby daddy because men obviously do not see the whole picture.
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    || Ovulation Chart

    Me:40, DH:39 First miscarriage, age 19, 1992. Lost twin pregnancy resulting in D&C, age 38, 2011. Blighted ovum resulting in D&C, age 39, 2012. Natural miscarriage, age 39, 2012. Positive for MTHFR mutations- one copy C677T, one copy A1298C. Still hoping for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Oh boy I just realized I never updated here that my LO was born. I was due 4/16/13 and had my lil man on 4/12/13. I had planned to work up till my due date but got so uncomfortable that even my desk job was horrible. I took my 39th week off of work and I am so glad I did. I had lunch with my girlfriends, got my hair done, had a pedi, and spent a day with my fiance at the beach walking and walking :) I started to have contractions on Thursday the 11th but they flaked out around 1130 that night which had been their MO as of late. I went to bed frustrated again. Well at 2am I woke up and heard a pop and splash and instantly felt warm and wet. My water had broke in my bed (thankfully I lined my bed with puppy pads just in case) and I got up and ran to the bathroom calling my FI's name and laughing the whole time. When he woke and asked what I needed and I said my water broke his response was "are you serious". We both ended up laughing. I called my MW and FI called my dad and step mom to come watch our girls. I jumped in the shower and then we went off to the hospital. Got there, got hooked up and checked and I was at 3cm and 50% (two days before I was barely a 1 and not effaced at all). I labored in the shower and on the exercise ball and when the contractions ramped up I was on my hands and knees rocking with counter pressure (lots of back labor). LO's heart rate gave a few scares but finally settled down and I got my epi at 6cm around 8am. Around 9ish it started to ware off and I was asking for more , they checked me and I was complete. Pushing began around 930ish but then LO's HR dropped and wouldnt come back up. They had me flip to my hands and knees again and try pushing that way. It took a bit and his HR finally came up but then the pushing became an issue and they had to call and OB in and brought the anesthiesiologist back in to prep for a C Section. I was given a little bit more to try to push him down and around that corner and out and I gave it all I had. At 10:38 am on the 12th I pushed my 4th child out with everything in me. Nolan Michael was born weighing in at 7lbs14ozs.

    I will say being in my late 30s was totally different then in my 20's. Nolan is almost 3 weeks old and I am loving every second of it. Minus the few nights of gassy screaming ;)

    Thinking of all the mommies getting ready to have their babies and still in the midst of pregnancy. Wishing you all the best. 


    QOTW- biggest thing I experienced this time around that i never have before was my water breaking. 3 other babies and it never broke till in the middle of labor when the docs broke it. So many said to me "oh it wont be like in the movies with a big gush or splash if it happens. Its more then likely a trickle.". Yeah well mine was that huge gush and even the few times after while laboring I had 3 more LARGE gushes. 

    Proud 36yr old Mama of 4
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  • AHHHH, Still waiting and going out of my mind!!! I scheduled to check in for an induction on Saturday at 5pm, so baby boy will be here by Monday at the latest. I so wanted to go into labor naturally, but the only pains I'm getting are from gas and baby kicking me... 

    QOTW:  I have to agree that noone really told me just how uncomfortable I'd be by the end of this and just out of my own stupidity how much stufff you have to buy, like real necessitys not just luxury items!

    nate and teddy
    Me 41 DH 46  Not actively ttc, surprise BFP on 1/6/11! 4/1/11 m/c our sunshine at 16wks after complications from CVS test. TTC #2 **5th cycle 12/6/11 BFP! Missed m/c at 9 weeks 1/21/12, trisomy 14. Two Chemical PG 3/12&7/12
    ** BFP 8/16/12 beta #1 148! beta#2 407 beta #3 4000 u/s 9.10 1 lovely hb 126, Baby Boy is due 04/28/13!!
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  • I was wondering about you dhreczuk! hope you go into labor on your own before Saturday :)
    TTC since 3/2010. Me 41, DH-49. After 3 years, 6 IUIs and several IVFs we have finally have our beautiful baby girl, born on 11/7/13.

  • I was also wondering about you, dhreczuk.  I really hope baby boy decides to make an appearance on his own.

    Update:  I posted yesterday about the results of my Mat21 test and NT scan.  Both babies look good and the trisomy tests were negative.  We did find out we have at least one boy in there.  We think the other is a girl, but we'll wait to see at our gender scan in a month or so.  We have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday.  I'm busy gathering my list of questions for 2nd trimester.  I'm still on Crinone (boo) and hope to get off that next week.

    QOTW:  My family is all doctors, so I've always known more than I needed to know about labor and delivery - especially when my siblings were doing those rotations. I had to tell them to stop telling me stories at one point or they wouldn't end up with nieces or nephews.  However, no one told me that I could start to get out of breath already.  I thought that would happen in the third trimester once the babies start physically squishing my lungs.  Nope, apparently, having all this additional blood volume and same lung capacity has made it hard for me to feel like I'm getting enough air.  I am going to ask my doctor to check my iron levels to make sure that I don't have anemia to make it worse.

    ? TTC#1 since 2/10 ?

    DX: Me - Slight androgen PCOS Him: Mild MFI Official DX: Unexplained IF

    2/11 - 8/11 - 6 cycles Femara (5mg) + TI = BFNs

    2/12 - 5/12 - Femara(5mg) + IUI = BFNs

    6/12 and 8/12 - Femara (7.5mg) + IUI = BFN :( - considered IUI#3 and 4 by RE

    9/12 and 12/12 - Femara (7.5mg for 3 days) + Ovidrel + IUI = BFN

    After 8 unsuccessful IUIs and no explanation for IF, moving on to IVF Feb. 2013.


    S/PAIFW appreciated
  • Ottawa05

    Due date: Jan 1 2014

    Sex of baby too soon to tell

    fingers crossed this is a healthy, sticky baby!

    Question of the week: No one talks about the fear of loss - but it is very real.  Also no one really believes how incredibly tiring the first trimester can be!

    Missed m/c 02/2006 Mc 02/2007 DD 10/2008 DS 04/2010 DD stillborn 11/2012 we love and miss her everyday
  • I'm so glad to hear that you have a plan Dhreczuk, but I hope baby cooperates and you go into labour on your own before Saturday!

    Updates: We had an u/s last Friday-- baby is measuring 5.5 pounds, so right on target. Still not cooperating for a good profile shot, but I don't really care about that. Baby is still head down-- at the u/s, s/he had a hand above its face, between the face and my uterine wall, another hand up under its chin, and one foot tucked up by its cheek. Judging by the movements, however, it appears that the baby is no longer keeping only one leg down below its midline. This baby is moving like crazy, now-- way more than it had been the past weeks. It's like it knows we're approaching D-day. I've been nesting, since I had a full week off from work, which has been LOVELY. I'm dreading going in tomorrow because I have to work 3 in a row and I am just so freaking uncomfortable and exhausted after one shift with a day to recover-- I honestly don't know if I'm going to make it through all three shifts in one piece. But after Sunday, I'll only have 7-8 shifts left before my due date. Hallelujah! Last night, we went to a breastfeeding class and it was really informative, but also got me super excited to meet this baby. I cannot wait-- it cannot come soon enough!

    QOTW: I wish someone told me about carpal tunnel and about swollen lady bits. There is nothing like feeling like you have tingly pillows between your legs to make you feel weird, uncomfortable, and incredibly unsexy. And to make sitting, squatting, or personal hygiene massively disturbing.


    "You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was." 
            -- Abraham Lincoln

                               Me:39  MH:39 
    DD born 6/1/2013 after 15 months of TTC with one loss.    
    TTC #2: BFP 4/22 but stalled growth and no HB at 9w3d on 5/30        

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  • Updates/Vents: The little guy is moving around like crazy but other than that I have a check-up next week and the dreaded 1 hour glucose test. Hoping everything goes well with that.

    QOTW: I think I've heard just about everything and all of the complaints before I became pregnant. I guess nothing sounds as bad until you actually experience it though. I've had some horrible bouts of heartburn/acid reflux the past couple of weeks and although I knew something like that might happen, experiencing it sucks. No one really told me how horrible it could be. Waking up in the middle of the night because your throat is burning and then having to spend the rest of the night propped upright on the couch in order to sleep has been my least favorite pregnancy dilemma up until now.

    The other thing I just found out about is having bladder control issues after you deliver. I am really hoping I avoid this one because it sounds like it sucks. 

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  • missymrmissymr
    2500 Comments 500 Love Its Fourth Anniversary Name Dropper

    I am happy to be in or on the cusp of the third trimester (depending on who you ask!) as it felt like I was in second tri forever! It sort of feels like we're in the home stretch now, even though there are still almost three months to go.

    I passed my GD test last week which I was happy about. It was not nearly as bad as many people (both on the bump and in real life) had made it seem. OB helped quiet some of the fears I had about cramping and discharge that had really frightened us the week before.

    Muppet has busy and slow days. The last two he was definitely quieter, but thankfully some juice or a few pokes at my belly always seem to get a reaction. I call it "mommy reassurance."

    QOTW: I think the one thing I was least prepared for was how I'd feel about my body changing. I've never been a small woman but I lost a ton of weight (about 60 pounds) before I got married and while I gained some of it back before I got pregnant I am quite surprised at how difficult it has been to handle gaining weight and getting bigger again. I always thought that I'd know it was for pregnancy and it wouldn't be that hard but I've been really struggling with it emotionally. It doesn't help that I've gained 30 pounds so far, and with three months to go I'm somewhat terrified at how much more I'm going to gain. 

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    July '13 December Siggy Challenge

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  • Update- Scheduled CS on Monday May6th. Only a few more days left, getting somewhat anxious!
  • I am glad my LO is giving me a chance to check in today. DanieleandWayne I was wondering how you were doing. Good luck in the next few weeks to you and to you as well dhreczuck on your induction, hopefully he comes before then.


    Proud 36yr old Mama of 4
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  • AmyM72AmyM72
    500 Comments 25 Love Its Second Anniversary

    All is good here, Appointment today went well and everything looks normal.

    Question of the week: I think I was least prepared for just how awkward and "fat" I would feel, I know it is not really "fat" but since I have a short torso my giant boobs are touching my belly already! Not at all attractive, thank goodness it is temporary, and I have lost 50 pounds before so this too shall pass. 


    About me:AMA 41 BFP 8/1/12 EDD 4/8/12 Found no Heartbeat 9/5/12 D&C 9/12/12

    BFP 12/13/12 EDD 8/22/13 Lilah Ruby born 8/8/13
  • AmyM72AmyM72
    500 Comments 25 Love Its Second Anniversary
    Hisbabygirl76 - Congratulations! So glad you are both doing well Smile
    About me:AMA 41 BFP 8/1/12 EDD 4/8/12 Found no Heartbeat 9/5/12 D&C 9/12/12

    BFP 12/13/12 EDD 8/22/13 Lilah Ruby born 8/8/13
  • Rorr2Rorr2
    Third Anniversary

    I would love to be added over to this board. After leaving the infertility board I just to my birth month board and I am feeling like I am too old to fit in there!  LOL.


    Fraternal twin boys due August 12th.

    Passed my glucose test last week! Had an ultrasound today with the high risk specialist. (She looks and talks just like Paula Dean!)  Both boys look perfect and are measuring right on target.

    QOTW-  I wish I had know abou the lightning type feeling in the girl parts. That has been the most disconecerting thing of this pregnancy so far. I had no idea what was going on the first time it happened. I thought I rolled over onto my cell phone!

    Me-39, DH 36 Married May 2010 TTC since June 2010 Un-monitored clomid cycles 1/11-3/11 Began seeing RE March 2011 4/11-6/11 Femera +IUI =BFN 7/11-8/11 Femera +trigger shot +IUI =BFN Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy on 9/8/11 Surprise natural BFP! on 9/30/2011 M/C at 8 weeks D&C on 11/3/11 2nd M/C on 12/25- natural Feb-June Follistim + IUI= BFN IVF #1- Start Stimms- 8/3 ER- 8/18 5R 4M 3F ET- All 3 on 8/21 =BFN IVF #2- Start Stimms- 11/5 ER- 11/19 9R 8M 8F ET- 11/22 3 8 cell embies. BFP HPT! 12/4 Beta #1- 12/6 976! Ultrasound on 12/21- Twins! BabyFruit Ticker Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • Congrats to the new mommas out there and all on cusps of new trimesters. Update-We had ultrasound #2 today at the RE. We saw the heartbeat at 124bpm. We then went to lunch and went to our intake appointment with the nurse at my OBs office. We have another ultrasound on 5-7 and then we meet with the OB. We are leaving for Jamaica a week from Saturday, and all of the sudden my remaining days are packed trying to fit in all the necessary appointments before we leave. QOTW-When I had my son I wish someone had warned me about how much pain I would have in my boobs when my milk came in-who knew?
    TTC since 10/09 Me-43 DH-44 RE and testing 10/10-11/10, Recommending IVF 1/11 New RE AMA and DOR-DH low motility IVF #1.1 cancelled 3/11 due to poor response IVF #1.2 May 2011, one perfect 8-cell embryo, 3dt-BFN, IVF #2.1 Converted to IUI d/t poor response. New RE 9/2011. IVF 2.2 completed using HGH,EPP,DHEA, Q-10 and accupuncture. Transferred one 8-cell, grade one embryo on 10/19. BFP 10/31/11 Chemical pregancy on 11/2/11. Started stims for IVF #3, our final try, on 12-2-11. ET on 12/18. Transferred 3 Grade A embryos-BFFN Planning DE IVF, late March/early April- Donors ER expected to be 4/2-4/4. PAIF/SAIF welcome
  • AZAmy77AZAmy77
    500 Comments First Anniversary


    Starting to get tired of heartburn every night.  Mostly I just take a zantac with milk every evening and it does ok.  Also getting back into tired mode, but also been nesting and excited about getting nursery together.  We had our shower last weekend, and have picked up the remaining big items on the list, so feel like we are getting prepared.  Recliner for the nursery comes tomorrow too, so excited to get the room together!


    For me, I wish someone had told me how quickly pregnancy would go by.  Of course I've been feeling pretty well for most of mine, so maybe its a perspective thing.  But I can't believe I am already nearing the end and will be meeting baby boy in less than 2 months!

    ~~~TTC #1 since Dec 2011, BFP 5/3 CP 5/6~~~
    ~~~BFP 10/9/12, EDD 6/17/13~~~
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  • image AmyM72:
    Hisbabygirl76 Congratulations! So glad you are both doing well [:]

    Thank you :
    Proud 36yr old Mama of 4
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  • This thread has been very helpful!  The leaking urine part and I'm only 7 weeks. (Measuring ahead.)  The bloating and stretching pains.  Also, how weird my husband would be about sex. We haven't had it since I got pregnant. I mentioned that I am in need, ha ha,  but he looks at me like the baby is growing out of my head.  It makes me feel a little insecure, but I will talk to him this weekend about it.  I think part is because he is on antidepressants and they have the ability to kill the sex drive.
    Me:37 DH:40 Married 7/2009 TTC since 5/2012 
    BFP 4/2013, Our Christmas Miracle Due 12/18/2013
  • nseeleynseeley
    100 Comments 100 Love Its First Anniversary

    Any updates or vents?

    Moved quietly into the second tri and things are really going great. The results of our MaternT21 all came back perfect so that's a huge weight off our shoulders. Only bummer was that the doctor forgot to check the box to notify us of gender so we'll have to wait for the a/s to figure that out (which we scheduled today for May 31)! 

    Question of the week:  What is something that you have experienced during pregnancy that no one had ever warned you about and you were completely unprepared for? Will you be warning unsuspecting pregnant women in the future about this?

    How truly un-pregnant I could feel and how that feeling is absolutely not correlated to any loss. My two previous pregnancies ended in mc and I felt more pregnant the entire time in both of those and this pregnancy, I have barely felt pregnant the whole time and it's going great! 

  • QOTW:  I was not prepared for all of the unsolicited advice and lack of boundaries.  People seem to think a large belly means they can say whatever they want!   

    TTC #1 since 5/10
    BFP #1 7/22/11 - EDD 4/2/11 - M/C 8/15/11 (7w0d)
    BFP #2 9/23/11 - EDD 6/5/12 ♥It's a Girl♥
    BFP #3 2/20/13 - EDD 11/2/13 ♥It's a Girl♥
  • Update: My little girl, Emi Linh, was born on April 3.  She was a couple weeks early but it's amazing how time flies...we just celebrated her month birthday yesterday!!

    Congrats to all the moms out there who had there little ones and good luck to all the moms on the cusp of delivery and/or who are in the midst of their journey.  Enjoy it...time really does fly by. I love holding my little girl in my arms but a part of me misses being pregnant too.  And even now, a month later, I miss those early days when she was still an itty bitty (although I don't miss the early struggles of sleep deprivation and the hormonal tears! haha) 

    BabyFruit Ticker
  • Your screen name Bunnyfer

    First name - Sherri

    Due date 8/22/13

    Sex of baby Its a girl

    Any updates or vents?  Been getting lots of kicks...mostly when I am at work, so I find myself pacing a lot to get her back to sleep so I can get back to work.


    Question of the week:  What is something that you have experienced during pregnancy that no one had ever warned you about and you were completely unprepared for? Will you be warning unsuspecting pregnant women in the future about this?  How bad the sleeping is. I always knew it was difficult, but I figured it started late into the pregnancy. I have been unable to sleep good for almost 3mo now. Between the kicking, the heartburn, the backaches, the body temp all over, not to mention peeing every 3 hrs...goodness..


  • Update: Well, we've been home for over a week, and we are doing a pretty good job of keeping everybody fed, and sleeping. I'm sure when hubby goes back to work, it will be more of a struggle. It's been fun watching my DD who is 17 try to back seat parent myself and DH. Hubby doesn't stand up for himself, so I have had to jump in and tell her to back off a bit. I am feeling a little less of a connection with hubby, but I think we are both starting to work on that as well. For instance, this morning, hubby put Curtis down in his co-sleeper and just gave me a hug and a kiss. It was really nice and I love that he recognized that we both needed that!! :D

    QOTW: I guess the thing I was most unprepared for was how my gynie "turned" at the last minute in my pregnancy. For most of my pregnancy, I told her over and over that I wanted a natural, drug free birth, and that I would be avoiding an epidural and a c-section both like the plague. And, she was fine with that, reassuring me over and over that she was good with that plan, that since I had done it before (even a long time ago), that chances were I'd be able to do it again. When I took the hospital prepared childbirth class, I thought it was crazy. It seemed like more of an epidural and c-section prep class than anything else. I told dr. gynie this and she wasn't surprised but was still reassuring. But, once I got to 38 weeks, she started in on how big the baby was, and how worried she was that I wouldn't be able to get him out if he stayed in too much longer. She inched up her preferred induction date until I felt lucky that she let him stay in until his due date. On his due date, she sent me for a growth scan and gave me a hard press toward a c-section. The next day, when I went for induction, she offered me a c-section every time she saw me. She was shocked when she came in the room and found I had birthed my giant (9lbs, 13oz, 23in) baby with no drugs and no c-section. 

    So, I guess if I would choose to warn anyone about this, it would just be that sometimes drs say what they think you want to hear in order to build your trust over time so that when you get to the end of the line and they change their tune, you will think they are being reasonable. Even if you think your doctor is totally on board with everything you want, you should still do your research and KNOW FOR SURE what it is that you want and why it is that you want it. Come to think of it, that's true of a lot of people out there other than doctors too!

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