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If your LO can roll from back to front only...

Do they roll from back to front, spit up, and bob their face into the spit up? Huh?

And do they cry until you roll them back over?

This is what DD is doing.  I guess DS did it too, but I forget!  I feel bad because she seems so frustrated!

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Re: If your LO can roll from back to front only...

  • Ummm. No. But I wouldn't be surprised if DD2 does it at some point. If she gets any stomach pressure within 10 minutes of eating, she is an erupting volcano for spit up.

    But when she could only roll from back to front, she would cry her little eyes out until I fixed her. Now she cries until she rolls herself over again.

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  • When she first started she did. It was icky.

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  • Sounds about right to me! I can't wait til spit up phase is over.

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  • DS doesn't spit up but he does not seem to be able grasp the concept of rolling onto his back from his stomach. He keeps just squirming on the carpet and rubbing his face into it. i can't wait till he can get back to his back
  • DD used to do this all the time. 
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  • My DD just started rolling over right at the 3 month mark.  She rolls from her back to her tummy.  She will lay there for a couple of minutes then get mad...she hates being on her tummy.  I can't wait till she can roll back over :)

  • DS was like that for 2 months.  He could only roll from back to tummy, happened when he turned 4 months.  He doesn't spit up, but he drools big time and he ends up lying in a pool of drool when he falls asleep.  We ended up slathering petroleum jelly on his face so he doesn't get such a bad drool rash.

    and yes, when DS first rolled over, he would cry and cry and cry. WE tried rolling him back, but 3 seconds later he's on his tummy again. Rinse and repeat.  We had to just let him cry on his tummy until he got used to it (took about 1 week, it was a rough week!).  Now DS prefers to be on his tummy. When we put him down for naps and at night, he just rolls over and goes to sleep. 

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