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?? FTM Question

After delivery my ob/gyn said I didn't tear...which I'm a first time mom and apparently oblivious that you could have tears other than perineal. Anyways I've been having a strong stinging every time I pee. It is not uti pain. So I examined with a mirror and pretty sure my labia tore. It looks pretty bad to me but what do I know. So anyways have any of you experienced this? Did you get stitches??
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Re: ?? FTM Question

  • If you think your labia tore, you need to call your OB.

    Because if it did, you can get an infection if you don't have it looked at.  

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  • Even if I don't end up tearing, I am pretty sure it'll hurt to pee a little. There's a lot of stretching and trauma that goes on down there. But yes, if you think you tore, contact your doctor of course. I hope you're not though
  • I tore my labia with DS 1 and my dr didnt stitch it. It healed just fine on its own! The tear may not have been bad enough to need a stitch but it never hurts to call if you are unsure.

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    Even when I didn't tear it still stung like crazy when I went to the washroom. It was hard to sit down just after as well. When you don't tear much you don't always need stitches.

    If you did tear you can always call or make an appointment to make sure things are looked after. It's likely your doctor would have stitched anything that needed it but it never hurts to ask. 

  • image ecori:
    If you think your labia tore, you need to call your OB.Because if it did, you can get an infection if you don't have it looked at. nbsp;

    Was thinking the same thing.

    OP get it checked. Better safe than sorry, feel better.
  • This time I have no tearing, and it does not hurt to pee. Last time I had one so called skid mark, and then things stung sometimes. I'm team call your doctor.
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  • I tore a little with my first and my midwife said it didn't need stitches. Stinging when peeing for the first few days was definitely part of my recovery, but all in all it wasn't too bad, didn't get infected and healed up fine. I did use a spray bottle of water after I urinated to rinse the area my first week post-partum/until it stopped stinging.
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  • I had a small internal tear, no stiches with DS.  But it can't hurt to call he dr to make sure everything stays as clean and healthy as possible.  


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