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She's almost 5...biting?

My oldest has been very challenging lately. Tonight the kids were playing and I heard DS scream. I ran in the room  and she said she was mad at him for taking the book.  I asked him to show me "where" she hurt him.  He pointed to his arm and there was a HUGE bite mark. BTW, this is not the first time. I immediately put her to bed. It was slightly early, but not that early. Also, she knew I meant business...she didn't come out once after that.

Is this weird? NOrmal?  She only bites her siblings...not kids at school. But GAH...really?

Bring on the judgements.  

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Re: She's almost 5...biting?

  • Kim&JimKim&Jim
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    One of my really good friends has 3 kids.  The twin girls turned 5 in January and the boy will be 4 in September.  They all bite each other at least once every time we have a play date.  Like your daughter, they usually only bite each other, not friends or others on the play ground.

    I don't have any advice.  Just wanted to let you know that you weren't alone...

  • The bite mark was bad. And the fact that she never tried to come out after bedtime (you know, for the typical sip of water and extra hug) makes me realize she KNEW I meant business.

    UGH. It's been a long day.

    Thank you for the post! I'm going to tell myself that it's normal!


    Mom to Big Sister (2008) , and boy/girl twins (2010) Life is busy!
  • Ah siblings are fun! Yes totally normal, and you handled it well. 
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  •'re right! She started OT and Speech. There has been a lot going on. You are sweet to remember :)

    Yes, she's had a lot on her plate for sure lately. And we are moving to a new house in 3 weeks. Bring on the additional changes! LOL.

    Thanks, ladies! I love this board. 

    Mom to Big Sister (2008) , and boy/girl twins (2010) Life is busy!
  • Kim&JimKim&Jim
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    I wonder if you can talk to her tonight or tomorrow and talk through the biting.  How she was feeling.  What led up to the biting.  Maybe give her some suggestions on how to handle the situation if it comes up again.
  • My son turned 4 in December and recently started this with his older brother. It's never been a problem until now. In our case, I've chalked it up to it being a little brother/big brother thing...I know my youngest often feels powerless to exert any control in skirmishes, he's not big enough to win physically, and not verbal enough to win that way, either.

  • I would tell her how you as a Mom sometimes get frustrated with her, her sister, brother and as a grown up, you take a time out if you need to.  Because you know, grown ups can't go around biting people. 

    I know that my older girls would take to this thought process.  Tell her it is okay to leave the room if she gets mad, to come tell you, to go spend some time alone, to color what she is feeling, etc.  I would encourage her to get it our as much as she can since she does have so much going on.

  • My two year old bites his five year old brother occasionally. He never bites anyone else. I think you did the right thing putting her to bed. Biting is very painful. That's frustrating! How much younger is your DS?
  • la79alla79al
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    My DD1 (5 next week) occassionally bites my DD2 (3 in August).  I know DD2 does it because DD1 doesn't listen to her so I guess DD1 just thinks it will be effective to get her point across.  I've started sending her to her room for awhile.  The longer I leave her there, the longer it takes until the next time she does it.  She doesn't bite anyone else so I'm not too concerned. 
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