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Pumping question

I feel like by this point I shouldn't have these...but alas I do.

For the past 2 days I have had to cut out 1 pump session. So I would regularly pump when I get home around 5:30p, and then again when I go to bed around 10p. The last 2 days I have pumped at about 8:30-9p and then not again until I wake up the next morning. I have been struggling with keeping my supply up (pumping JUST enough to feed for 1 day), but these last 2 days I have managed to get a whole extra bottle saved back. I know I get more when I wait longer to pump, but it seems like I just make up for missing that one session. Does this make sense? My question is, if I am getting more, do I continue with this schedule to save back more like I want? Or will cutting back that one session make my supply decrease? If you need more clarification on my situation let me know. It's the end of my lunch break and I am trying to ask this quick before I go back to work. Thanks ladies!!


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