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Anyone have any experience with NuvaRing? I've been on a low dose pill for many years b/c of migraines, but I'm already doing terribly remembering to take this one at the same time everyday since my "schedule" changes at the girls' beckon call Smile Obviously I'd talk to my OB about hormone levels, but I was curious if anyone had used it and had opinions on insertion/removal/comfort, etc.

Re: NuvaRing?

  • I used it for 3 years between DS and DD. I had no issues whatsoever with it. Insertion and removal were easy, and I never felt it nor did DH.  I loved the convenience of 3 weeks in and 1 week out. It also made my periods a lot lighter and shorter.  I didn't notice any hormonal changes while on it.  If it weren't for the fact that DH is getting a vasectomy, I'd go back on it without hesitation.

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    Hi JB! (And PAL ladies) I was on Nuvaring years ago for about three months. I liked not having to take a pill. But I personally didn't like any other thing about it. It caused me to have alot of extra discharge, I think my vajayjay new there was a foriegn object up there and was trying to flush it out. DH also said he could feel it sometimes and didn't like it either. I have a friend who uses it and loves it though. If you ask your Dr, sometimes they have free samples to give you to try it out.

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  • I got pregnant with Samantha on the NuvaRing :O

    When I told the nurse at my first OB exam she said, "you're like the 6th person in the last 2 months to say that." 

    Other than the fact that it failed, I suppose everything else was ok.  Although, I didn't always like the way it fit.  Sometimes I felt like it was going to slide down or something.  I chose the Mirena after Samantha was born and was so incredibly happy with it.   



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  • I had migraines on it, actually.  I had to go off of it :(



  • image hopefulmom81:

    I had migraines on it, actually.  I had to go off of it :(


    This.  I also had bleeding the entire time I tried it. :( 3 months straight.

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    I tried it when I was 19 and only lasted 2 cycles. I didn't like having something plastic in my vagina at all times and I swear I felt it constantly. Plus, I did not feel in control of my emotions, I remember crying and laughing simultaneously during an episode of Will and Grace! Granted, hormonal birth control never agreed with me, so we used barrier methods. I know I'm at one end of the extreme when it comes to this stuff, and my guess is since you have been successful with a pill in the past, this should work well for you!

    On another note, my friend has a six month old DS and she sets her alarm on her phone everyday at noon to take her pill. When that alarm goes off she drops everything and takes that pill! I know that still might be hard for you because you're not just a mom, you're a twin mom! It's just a thought...
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  • Boo. Sounds like it might not be a great fit. Don't need any help in the migraine dept and I CERTAINLY don't need an oops right now! Lol. Thanks for all the input.

    Oh and hi Pk!
  • Just an FYI...I don't know if you're BFing or not, but I don't think you can use Nuvaring if you are. 

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  • Thanks for posting this as I've been thinking about it after nursing. Doesn't sound like it would be for me though.
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  • Yea, I'm another one that says it's not worth it.. I was on it for a few years while in college.. it was convenient, but I had tons of lady issues.. discharge, YIs, UTIs, etc.. it was crazy.  And then, towards the end i started having random bleeding all the time and heavy cramping, too.. I went off of it, and all the issues immediately resolved. 

    As for headaches or homone issues -- I didn't notice any of that.  But, the other issues were enough for me to give it up :(

    Good luck with your decision!! I think any/all forms of BC have their pros and cons, unfortunately.. I'm thinking of an IUD of some form after LO#2 comes.. but, even that scares me!!

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