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XP: Employer Advice/ Managers and HR please come in

Hey ladies I?m looking for advice and perspective from an employer situation.


I work in the pharmaceutical consulting industry. The current program I work for is ending soon, as the drug is going generic. This is a common occurrence in my field of work. I had a meeting with my current supervisor and the director to ensure me that although the program is ending in September, there is no talk in lay offs, and I am encouraged to apply for upcoming openings within our organization and with our 2 sister companies. They wanted to assure my team that as we move on to other programs and positions our team will be replaced with temps and they hope to place all of us in a position we desire.


So a little background, I am a nurse, and I am currently working on my nurse practitioner, which my company reimburses my education. I signed a promissory note, which states I may not terminate employment until after 12 months of being reimbursed. In short, I have no desire to leave my company as I do not wish to pay back any back tuition. I have applied for a nurse educator (my current title) position and I actually have a second interview today. I have been told by my boss that the manager really enjoyed our 1st interview and had nothing but positive things to say about me.


Today there were postings on our internal website for positions that I am qualified for that are a pay increase higher, with extra responsibilities, a team lead position. It is not for the same organization I current work for, rather a sister company. I went ahead and posted my resume and cover letter. My question is how would you handle this situation? I am interested in the position I am interviewing for today, and would be honored to be offered the job, but I would also like to keep my options open for a promotion opportunity. The jobs that were posted are open for 7 days, and I am just thinking of possibilities that I may be offered the job before I am offered an interview. Thank you so much for your answers. I assume honesty is the best policy; I am used to working in a hospital and not sure of the politics of the corporate world.

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Re: XP: Employer Advice/ Managers and HR please come in

  • I think since it's been established that everyone on your current team needs to be actively applying for new positions within the company and there are many of you in this position, everyone is going to understand you need to pursue all possible opportunities.

    I went through a similar situation at an old company, and HR did a very good job of coordinating with the hiring managers because so many people were applying for all open positions.

    Good luck with the interviewing process! 

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  • I am a director at a managed care organization and think there is absolutely nothing wrong w. pursuing a promotion AND other positions internally/externally. You have to keep your options open and if you get multiple offers, pick the one that is best for your situation. I can tell you from experience, a man would totally be doing the same thing without batting an eyelash. I think as women we tend to question acting more assertively with our careers. Good luck!!!!
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