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We Did it Anyway!

Alright Ladies... it's been 9 months of suggestions, opinions, and dirty looks.

Let's reflect and share everything we did against the suggestion of others (not our Doctors, mainly old wives tales and such).

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Re: We Did it Anyway!

  • I cleaned cat litter twice a week every week. I'm actually going to clean it again today at 40wk 1day. :)
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  • I get a coffee or iced tea at least 5 days a week...
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  • rea1687rea1687
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    image slweaver0626:
    I cleaned cat litter twice a week every week. I'm actually going to clean it again today at 40wk 1day. :

    Glad I wasn't the only one. Although I only did it few times.

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  • I was so high risk I honestly didnt do anything.  I feel like such a goody goody.

    I really want a turkey sub. 

    ETA: Oh wait.

    I drink a medium coffee everyday.  But Dr had ok'd it.

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  • I've had the occasional small drink (glass of wine or shandy [half beer, half lemonade]). No guilt here!


    Also, I worked up to 36 weeks, lifting small children multiple times a day to perform diaper changes. Everyone said you're not supposed to do that much lifting- my midwife was okay with it unless I wanted to stop, until I had a BP scare and she pulled me right out!  

    He melts me...
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  • I cleaned cat litter every week, ate hoagies, ate sushi and drank coffee/tea.
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  • nola78nola78
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    image Blueyed228:

    I was so high risk I honestly didnt do anything.  I feel like such a goody goody.

    I really want a turkey sub. 

    ETA: Oh wait.

    I drink a medium coffee everyday.  But Dr had ok'd it. 

    This is me as well.  I do drink coffee every now and again, and I've had a few sips of beer.  But both of those happened really late in the pregnancy.   

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    BFP #2: 8/30/12; EDD: 5/9/13, emergency cerclage placed at 22w5d, dx cardiomyopathy, strict bed rest for 14 weeks. DD born at 39 weeks.

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  • kmcd23kmcd23
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    I can't think if anything. I was to nervous with all the issues I already had.
  • I drank coffee, ate cold turkey sandwiches and am still breast feeding my 20 month old dd.
  • I did so much more this third time around!  I had a cup of coffee every day.  I painted our newly finished basement for a few hours one afternoon.  I had a glass of wine a few times in the third tri.  I carried my 2 year-old and my 19 month old all over the place, including up and down stairs.  I took a hot bath nearly every night.  I ate sushi.  And these are just the things I can remember!  FWIW, my OB has no issues with the things I have done because they were all so minimal. It's not like I sat in a steam room, powerlifting, while huffing spray paint and chugging a bottle of wine every night.   :) 
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  • I had the occasional glass of red wine, drank coffee now and then, and lifted my 30 pound dog onto the bed too many times to count.  
    BFP 4/1/2011, EDD 11/25/2011, M/C 4/10/11

  • I also ate shellfish, cold lunch meat, and cheap hotdogs.  I did not partake in sushi, because I don't like sushi to begin with.
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  • I was really bad about not taking prenatal vitamins daily.

    Also, painted, drank coffee, and slept on my back.   

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  • At 28 weeks I gave in and started eating lunch meat again and I have a cup of coffee once or twice a week.
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  • I lifted carried whatever I had to, drank soda and tea, still sleep on my stomach. I also painted the whole babies room, chair rail, and stood on ladders and all kinda of things that are no no's
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  • The only thing I can think of is drinking coffee.   I completely gave it up during TTC and 1st tri, and most of 2nd tri, but then I started drinking a cup 4-5 mornings a week.  But since it is below my doc's 250 mg recommendation, I dont think it's cheating.

    I'm a rule-follower  =)    And dangit, I really, really want a white albacore tuna sub, in a bad way.   And a cold turkey sub, too. 


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  • image ErinC1014:
    I was really bad about not taking prenatal vitamins daily.

    Oh and this too, I bought a big bottle of 240 and its probably not even a third of the way down yet.
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  • I drink a small cup of coffee a day, sometimes 2
    I've eaten lunch meat on occasion but have had a ton of pepperoni and hard salami
    Had a drink here and there.  A handful the entire pregnancy
    Licked the spoon of cake batter (GASP!)
    Help  my husband move furniture 

    I'm bad.  :(

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    I drank a cup of coffee per day and ate cold cuts here and there.
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  • I gave in to caffeine in third tri having iced tea or diet coke a couple times a week. Also I had shellfish my entire preg and ate my steak med rare.
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  • Lunch meat, slept on my back, carried DS.
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  • I was so petrified that something would go wrong that I stuck to everything by the letter in the beginning.  In general though I'm a fairy and tend to do as I'm told even if I see evidence to the contrary (just in case). 

    Just recently I started to have the odd bit of lunch meat here and there. 


  • LhztihLhztih
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    I could not get enough sweet tea! I've done all decaf for coffee, but the tea probably makes up for it. And the soda. >.<

    I've been slacking on the prenatals this last month too.

  • I have a coke every single day... I wake up thinking about it!

    I have subway maybe twice a month and just micro the meat first. Definitely have had mini corn dog bites at the movies, and lift everything I used to...


    My little bug, Madeline. Born June 2, 2013.

  • April!April!
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    I drank coffee, didn't get a flu shot, and ate more than a few pastrami sandwiches. I also had two or three glasses of wine, and sips of beer here and there. I had California rolls twice, but only from a restaurant I trust.

    This is reminding me I need to take my prenatals. I was so good until the last few weeks and now I keep forgetting!

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  • I got in a hot tub. It had been raining and the water really wasn't that hot. The baths I take have definitely been higher in temperature. I was curious and put a thermometer in-- the baths I was taking were way over 100 degrees. Oops. 


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  • Had champagne at weddings, sipped on husband's beers, had a large diet coke at least every other week, slept on my stomach until 30weeks, slept on my back, helped paint a wall of baby's room, worked on my feet for 8hrs a day til 37weeks, ate medium rare steaks, ate eggs Benedict, I still cross my legs, didn't get a flu shot and didn't replace my Costco sized bottle of prenatals when they ran out a little over a month ago... 3 days til d day and doc says baby looks strong and healthy!
  • I had over easy eggs whenever we went out for breakfast. I had a small coffee two to three times a week almost every week. I carried my 35 lb daughter everywhere. I still cleaned the bathrooms just tried to make sure I stepped out often due to the fumes. That's all I can think of right now.

    Edit : mobile ate my symbols

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  • Drank a latte everyday, occasional glass of vino starting in 2nd tri, turkey subs like they were going out of style, painted my nursery and DD's room, carried heavy boxes for work, went to the hair and nail salon....pretty much carried on life as normal, when I read back over this list.

    Miscarriage January 2012, at 6 weeks

    * Miscarriage April 2012, at 8 weeks

  • I have had cold deli meat, sushi, coffee, cookie dough, brownie batter, I've lifted heavy things when I wasn't suppose to...the only thing I changed really was alcohol. 
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