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Pump Vacation Wknd

If any working/pumping moms out there need a little boost to your pumping output, I definitely suggest bfing more on the weekends if you don't already. I randomly was able to BF my DS almost this whole weekend and only pumped 1 to 2x each day. So far I've noticed a good solid extra 1 to 1.5 oz extra per session this week while at work! Due to being super busy and DS not really being the best BFer, we just hadn't had a good solid wkd of boobytime lately. It definitely pays off.

Re: Pump Vacation Wknd

  • I've been trying that but haven't been so successful - I will keep at it though. I really don't want to start supplementing! I went back to work with 108 oz of breast milk in the freezer and now I'm down to 15 oz in the freezer.  Even with waking up in the middle of the night to pump, I'm still one bottle short of what DD needs while I'm at work :(.  Fenugreek, Nettles Tea, Mother's milk tea, whole grains - you name it, I'm taking it! LOL! Going to try to lengthen my pump sessions next. Hopefully that can give me a much needed boost as well. Thank you!


  • DD skipped night feedings two days now and I'm pumping so much more in the mornings!  This might end once my supply levels figures out she's not eating at night.

    I refuse to pump more than 2x during a weekend day. I just hate it. 

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