When do you burp your EBF LO? After a certain amount of time or when they fall asleep on there? I've noticed my LO will nurse about 1015 mins so I take him off and burp him, and then put him back on. But I'm wondering if he's over eating cuz usually within the next hour he'll have a large spit up.

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    During the NB stage I burped every 10 minutes or so.  Now (at 7 months) I only burp when he does this back arching thing that I've learned means he needs to burp.

    Sometimes a large spit up can mean over-feeding, but sometimes it's just a large spit up.  My first LO was a spitter.  We constantly had to keep bibs on him & were always reaching for the resolve to clean up messes on our carpet.  This LO rarely spits up so I know when he does it means he over ate.

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    My Dr. said the spit up is just baby heart burn ( I found it funny that he worded it like that)..

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  • We didn't have the spit up issue at all, so I don't know if burping is related or not, but I usually burped between breasts.  So feed him off one breast, burp, feed off the second, burp again. 
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