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Job questions/ advice, HR please come in

Hey ladies I?m looking for advice and perspective from an employer situation.


I work in the pharmaceutical consulting industry. The current program I work for is ending soon, as the drug is going generic. This is a common occurrence in my field of work. I had a meeting last week with my current supervisor and the director to ensure me that although the program is ending in September, there is no talk in lay offs, and I am encouraged to apply for upcoming openings within our organization and with our 2 sister companies. They wanted to assure my team that as we move on to other programs and positions our team will be replaced with temps and they hope to place all of us in a position we desire.


So a little background, I am a nurse, and I am currently working on my nurse practitioner, which my company reimburses my education. I signed a promissory note, which states I may not terminate employment until after 12 months of being reimbursed. In short, I have no desire to leave my company as I do not wish to pay back any back tuition. I am very happy at my current company and would like to secure a position sooner than later as September approaches. I have applied for a nurse educator (my current title) position and I actually have a second interview today. I have been told by my boss that the manager really enjoyed our 1st interview and had nothing but positive things to say about me.


Today there were postings on our internal website for positions that I am qualified for that are a pay increase higher, with extra responsibilities, a team lead position. It is not for the same organization I current work for, rather a sister company. I went ahead and posted my resume and cover letter. My question is how would you handle this situation? I am interested in the position I am interviewing for today, and would be honored to be offered the job, but I would also like to keep my options open for a promotion opportunity. The jobs that were posted are open for 7 days, and I am just thinking of possibilities that I may be offered the job for the current interview before I am offered an interview for the most recent job posting. Thank you so much for your answers. I assume honesty is the best policy; I am used to working in a hospital and not sure of the politics of the corporate world.

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Re: Job questions/ advice, HR please come in

  • I want to respond, since so many people have viewed this and no one has responded yet, but I think you are in a really tough position that is never easy to navigate.  I am assuming from your post that either position would not require you to pay back any of your loans.  If working for the sister company would require you to pay back any tuition, then it sounds like you should stick with the lateral position at your current company.  

    Assuming both are equal from a tuition payback perspective, then it might just depend on some luck with timing, how much risk you're willing to take, and how honest you think you can be with your boss/company.  Do either of these types of jobs come up frequently?  If not, and you're offered the job you just interviewed for, then I would probably take that job, so you don't risk running up against September and having nothing.  If these type of jobs come up all the time, then maybe it's worth the risk to pass over the first offer and hold out for the promotion. Then if you don't get the promotion job, hopefully something else lateral will come up before September.  Also, if the promotion job position comes up frequently, then maybe you take the lateral job, work in that position for a year or so, and then apply for the promotion job when one becomes available again.

    Depending on your relationship with your boss and the company in general, you could also just be honest and say that you want to find something for security purposes, but you also would like something that allows you to grow as an employee, so you are interested in applying for this promotion job, when do they need to hear from you about the lateral job (assuming you get an offer).  This is a little tricky though, and I would only do this if you have a really great relationship with your boss.   

    What I wouldn't do is take the lateral position, still apply for the promotion job, and then take the promotion job.  I don't think that would go over well.   

    Hopefully you'll get lucky, and they'll drag their feet a bit on the lateral position, just enough to let you at least interview for the promotion position, so you can get a sense of where your chances are.  

    Good luck!!   

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  • Thanks so much for responding! I want to clarify that if I stay within the corporation.. meaning same organization or sister companies, my benefits remain the same (tuition reimbursement). My biggest fear is not having security by September, and having to apply externally (like back at the hospital) and having to pay back my tuition reimbursement.

    I do feel like I am in a tricky situation and kind of gamboling with time and offers. To answer your question about availability of positions: There are 7 nurses on our team, including myself, and we were told there will be 2 posting for sure within our organization for a lateral move (one of which I have the second interview for), and just to keep our eyes open for other openings. There are other positions for nurses here that come up frequently; however, they often involve lots of on call or on site hours, which I prefer to work a normal schedule. The position that was posted today is kind of a diamond in the rock. I have not seen an open position that, and I frequent our internal job postings. I have a good feeling about the interview from today so i think at the end of the day I will go with my gut. If I am fortunate to have a interview with the promotion position before I would hopefully get this job offer then I would for sure take it.


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  • Being in HR myself I find that all employees are actively looking and I encourage them to keep looking internally if they're not happy in their current role or if their role is set to end soon. I would keep all options open. You don't even need to tell the sister company about this other interview. That can stay confidential. Please PM me with any further questions. But, I would say just keep your options open. Your best bet is to make sure your covered and if that means applying and interviewing to make sure you have a job come September even though they say layoffs might not happen, it's probably best to keep your options open. In HR can see where you've applied and to which roles if they have an applicant tracking system where you formally submit your application. HR does not judge you for this...we know you're looking and that's ok. It's to better yourself and to make you sure and your family are covered. HTH!

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  • I wouldn't be hesitant to apply to the job at the sister company due to the reimbursement issue. Because it's a sister company, the penalty may not apply...and sometimes when you take a new job, the new company will pay you the penalty as a signing bonus so that you don't really need to pay back the money.


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  • Here's my HR 2 cents...

    First of all, it shouldn't be a huge deal to be applying for multiple positions.  That being said, it also shouldn't be information that you through around there.  Think of it as being on the dating scene... If you're seeing more than one guy, you keep it on the down-low until you figure out who/if you're going to get serious with...

    It seems to me that a big part of why this particular situation is so difficult for you is because of the timing of it all.  I will tell you this - My company actually will slow down the hiring process for one posting if it looks like an individual may be offered a position with another posting, so that the individual can choose what would work best for them.

    Even if that doesn't happen at your company, there are some things you can do to feel out the more recent position and see if this might be a good opportunity for you.  First of all, I would try to make contact with the hiring manager and/or the person who would be supervising the position (supervisor would be preferable).  Try to set up some kind of meeting, in phone or in person, to discuss the dynamics of the position and the specifics of the candidate they're looking for.  This will help you get a feel for the personalities involved and a potential fit.  There are times that a specific person is in mind for a position, and you may be able to get a sense for that information as well.

    If it was me, I'm a little paranoid and cautious, I would be more likely to go with the sure thing if I was forced to choose.  In the event that you're offered the position that your interviewing for now sooner rather than later, an additional option would be to be honest with them about the opportunity you have been pursuing on the side.  Nobody will fault you for trying to advance yourself.  If you are open with the situation and ask them how long they can give you until you answer, this may buy you some time as well.  I wouldn't really try to do that though unless you were reasonably sure this other opportunity is really a viable option, because you don't want to burn bridges either.

    I hope this helps!!! 

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