Pregnant after a Loss

Has anyone seen this? Pregnant Husband

Saw this posted on another board, and I'm dying laughing right now.


I SO needed this today as I sit and wait for the nurse to call me back with my 1st beta....

(sorry if it's already been posted!)


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Re: Has anyone seen this? Pregnant Husband

  • Someone just posted this on my BMB and I saw it this morning.  I had to take a break after a few pages b/c I was laughing so hard!

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  • someone posted that on my BMB last week - it's hilarious.... I sent it to my H, and we both said that I'm the cat jumping in bed on the beanbag chair
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  • cpm1223cpm1223
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    This one just made my burst out laughing at my desk....good thing my boss is out of the office!


    When my wife gets a pair of new pregnancy pants.

    She?s like:



    Missing Our July Sparkler
    BFP#1-11/12/12, MMC 1/16/13-baby stopped growing @ 9wks, found out at 13wks, D&E 1/25/13
    BFP#2-4/23/13 EDD-01/02/14 baby BOY born 12/31/13 Michael Cameron <3

  • Someone on my BMB posted this and I went through every single page. It was hilarious and I could relate to a lot.
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  • hahaha too funny!

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  • The one about getting up off the couch is so me! Thanks for sharing!
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  • I havent seen this before.. way to funny!
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  • I've never seen that!  Very entertaining!
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  • OMG that's hilarious!


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  • Haha I love this!

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  • ramy3ramy3
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    That is hilarious. My DH is going to love it!
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  • I haven't seen this before but it is AWESOME!! I just busted out laughing at my desk! Thanks for sharing cpm!
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  • Yes! DH and I went through nearly all of them last night and laughed our heads off. It's so accurate!

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  • Hahahaha this is great! I have to show this to DH. It's basically a handbook of what's coming.
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  • This is hilarious! Love it!
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