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Hi ladies....I have mostly been a lurker on the this board, but I am now in need of some advice. I am a FTM and my LO is 15 weeks old. I have been back at work for about 4 weeks now. I have been sort EP'ing since about 4 week PP. I would nurse her when she would wake in the morning. Since being back to work I have been solely EP'ing because of time constraints in the morning. LO typically takes 3 bottles with 5oz during the day then 6oz bottles in the first and last bottle of the day. She has been STTN since about 8 weeks old. She was 9lb 10oz at birth and 13lbs at her 2 month check up. I would estimate she is around 15lbs now, we go back to the Dr. on the 15th for her 4 month check up.

Question 1: Do you think I am giving her too many oz? She just does not seem happy with 4oz. She cries and eats her hand, my shoulder, her bib anything until I give her more. I just worry that I am overfeeding her. Is that possible with a 3.5 month old? She eats about every 3 hours. I let her schedule her day so if she wanted to go longer between feedings that would be find, but she is normally hungry at the 3 hour mark.

Question 2: In the past week I have gone from pumping 5 to 6oz while at work to 3 to 4oz. At this rate she is eating more than I am pumping. I have started doing breast compressions during pumping session and nursing her for the evening feeding to try and increase my supply, but what else can I do. I also am curious, since I am only producing around 4oz at each pump, is this how much she should be eating, or is that just a crazy though? What else can I do to help pump more. I have a good stock pile stored in the freezer so if my supply goes down I should be fine for a bit. My sister started having supply problems around 6 months, but she is a SAHM and was able to nurse more. I just feel 3.5 months is too early to stop breastfeeding, even though I know she would be fine on formula. I would just like to give her breastmilk as long as possible.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated!  TIA!!!!

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    Ok, if I read this correctly she's getting 15oz during the day plus 12 oz from her first morning bottle and her last bottle of the day for a total of 27oz.  If that's the case, that amount is just perfect.  Throughout the whole first year babies should get 24 to 30 oz of BM a day.

    3.5 months is a bit early to be only eating only 5 bottles a day, but every baby is different.  My LO still only eats 4 to 4.5 oz bottles at 7 months, but he eats 7 times a day!

    How often are you pumping at work?  Generally you want to pump when she'd be eating.  So about every three hours.  I pump three times a day at work & get 4-5 oz. at each pumping session. 

    Some ideas to increase/keep your current supply.  Make sure you're pumping at least 20 minutes every time.  I actually pump for 25 minutes because I get a second letdown at the 20 minute mark.   

    Eat oatmeal (not instant), flax seed, and/or brewer's yeast.

    Drink LOTS of water. Like 80-120oz a day. Eat well.  Get as much rest as LO will let you!

    Try not to stress about your supply going down. that will just make it worse.

    Continue doing breast massage. Some women just need to do that to get more milk. You can also try a hands free pumping bra if you aren't using one already. It will press on your breasts to get more milk.

    Try power pumping (pump 10 minutes, rest 10 minutes, repeat until it's been an hour) once a day for a few days.

    Add in an extra pumping session for a few days.

    Also you had asked about whether since you are getting 4oz pumping that's how much she should be eating.  The short answer is no.  Pumping output is not related to nursing output.  In general, baby will be more efficient and get more out than a pump.

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    Thank you - I am pumping every 3 to 3.5 hrs at work so I am getting in 3 pumping session.  I am not pumping for 20 minutes, hearing about the second let down is promising.  I will see if this works for me.  I am open to anything now.

  • Have you tried any herbs? Since you are pumping often, they would probably help your breastmilk supply a lot. No matter which one you use, make sure to use it daily. It has to get in your system well to boost production.


    I have low milk supply, but I'm able to keep it up with herbs. Personally I use Breastea from I've also heard good things about the capsules, but I haven't tried those. 


    Hang in there!

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