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May Challenge * Day 1

Good Morning!

Can you all believe its May!? Summer is fast approaching. Believe it or not, my favorite season is NOT winter. :)

If you wish to change anything please let me know!

 Have an awesome day!! 

almostjennifer - 0/6 lbs | 0/5 workouts

apastinack - 0/7 days tracked | 0/7 Coke

artroyer - 0/5 lbs | 1/4 workouts | 1/7 days tracked

carpntrgrl - 0/4 lbs | 0/4 workouts | 0/7 H2O

Dorlala - 1/2 lbs | 0/5 Miles

draeray - 3/15 lbs | 0/3 workouts

Drea926 - 3/3 lbs |

emd886 - 0/5 workouts

ericalee27 - 0/3 lbs

expatmama - 1/2 lbs | 0/7 workouts

happylady5 - 1/3 workouts

heartstrings13 - 0/2 workouts | 0/2 walks | 0/7 tracked

holly321 - 3/4 lbs | 0/2 workouts

jcar2 - 1/2 lbs 

jessicalgilmore - 5/5 workouts | 0/7 walks | 4/4 lbs

jersey1402 - 0/3 lbs | 0/3 Workouts

Karla CS - 0/1 lbs | 0/5 workouts

LJM0521 - 1/4 Workouts | 2/7 days of H2O |0/7 days tracked

Marionravenwood - 0/5 Walks | 0/7 days tracked

Meggy T. - 0/3 Workouts | 0/7 Days H2O

mrsuramkin - 0/3 lbs | 0/2 workouts

Seeca022 - 0/2 lbs | 0/5 workouts

SHAYNM2010 - 0/2 lbs | 0/7 workouts

SidraJedi - 0/7 Water Goal | 0/7 Days Logged | 1/5 Walks

WinterBenson - 0/2 lbs | 3/20 Activity Points | 0/31 Days Tracked 

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Re: May Challenge * Day 1

  • I seriously baked all day yesterday. Well until about 4 PM when DD had the most crazy hysterical screaming fit she has ever had. I didn't even know what to do. For 45 mins, then she passed out from being exhausted, and then woke again 20 minutes later for round 2. Ugh. I know she was overtired. I just couldn't get her to nap very well all day. I wouldn't say I tracked everything I ate. 

    On the plus side, I successfully made rolls! I suck at bread, so this is an achievement for me.

    Time to get serious about my tracking!  

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  • I've consumed my water the past two days and it's challenging! I generally am not well hydrated I guess.

    Yesterday I got a walk in and hopefully DH will give me time this afternoon to do my pp workout DVD.
  • I only got my walk in yesterday.
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  • ahh forgive me because I am confused again... when did the new week start?  Monday like always?  Or today since it's May?  Just to be clear with my record, I tracked Monday and Tuesday and worked out Monday and Tuesday too.  (I plan on doing both today too but I will check back in later to be sure!)


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  • Sorry, it started monday, I must have accidentally erased everything.
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  • Got in a 3 mile walk/jog yesterday.
    2/3 for the week.
    "Sweat is my sanity". Sarah Palin "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised". Proverbs 31:30 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I seriously slacked Monday and Tuesday.. And seriously overate on Tuesday. It's getting hot now, so if a workout isn't done in the morning, it's not getting done. So here's to getting up early and getting that workout in! Good for my body, and even better, good for my sanity. Which in the long run is good for this little family we started!

    Also, my new goal (but definitely not one that needs to be tracked on here!) is to stop eating things directly from the container. Especially peanut butter  =X

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  • I met my weight goal! 

    I joined WW and I've lost the 6 lbs I wanted to lose in April!  My new goal for the month of May is to lose 14 lbs and exercise 4x per week.  So far this week, I've exercised once.


    SAHM to DD1 (7), DS (5) and DD2 (1)
  • Drea926Drea926
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    image almostjennifer:

    I met my weight goal! 

    I joined WW and I've lost the 6 lbs I wanted to lose in April!  My new goal for the month of May is to lose 14 lbs and exercise 4x per week.  So far this week, I've exercised once.


    Good for you!! This is my 2nd week on WW and I'm pleased so far. Last week I lost 3 lbs! I'm hoping during the month of May I can lose at least 8 more!


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  • Tracked and worked out! I am on a roll this week Haha


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  • emd886emd886
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    3/5 workouts - 0/6 pounds
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