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Our Little Guy Arrived! (PIPs)

Short story: Macallen Paul was born vaginally on April 28th, 2013 at 11:05 am weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces and 21.5 inches long. Baby and I are both doing well!

Long story: I was one of the moms that had a birth plan, and while I still advocate ensuring you know what you want before going into labor, I realize just how quickly things can change. The day before I gave birth my husband and I spent the evening relaxing on the couch until about midnight. At 5 in the morning I woke up with what I thought was "back pain". I continued to refer to this "back pain" which my husband quickly realized was back labor. I was in denial. I texted my doula and said I was feeling fine and that it was hurting, but I was doing ok. She suggested to get in the bath and that I may just be uncomfortable. I honestly did not think I was having contractions (and looking back on that I realize how ridiculous that sounds, because I ended up on all fours a lot begging my husband to push on my lower back).

 My husband convinced me to go to the hospital to "get checked" knowing full well I was in labor. I kept putting it off and telling him that I wanted to wait until I was in labor, because I did not want to get turned around at the hospital because of not being far enough along. 

 Well, we made it to the hospital with me not only being far enough along to stay, but I was already dilated 10 cm at a 1.5 station (even if I wanted an epidural, there was no time for one)! I was in shock, but they got me hooked up to the IV and monitors and less than an hour and a half later Macallen was born. We had a few complications during the quick progress because of me being GBS positive, and him getting stuck. We almost had to do a C-section because  of him being stuck, but instead, we got a little help from the vacuum. A few pushes combined with that vacuum and he was here!

  Bottom line is that the birth plan where I brought my exercise ball to the hospital and walked the halls with my doula to progress labor never happened. We didn't even have time to get our bags into the hospital before our son arrived. Crazy experience, but definitely the best day of my life.

And now, what you are really here for: 

MPD in the Bassinet


MPD Sleeping on Mom


Coming Home Outfit


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