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we are transitioning to crib today :(

I never thought I would love having an infant in my room, but I do with LO. I also love his cradle that glides so effortlessly side to side and I can soothe him in minutes. [He has a pretty large wooden cradle, not a bassinet]

However.... he is spreading out his little arms when he sleeps and they are going through the slots of the cradle. (It's kind of like a crib) If he tries to bring his arm back in, he flips out because he's stuck. For one, I don't want something to hurt him but for two, I just want him to be comfortable. 

I am worried about the train that runs past the back of the house, literally behind his room. (and DS's room) Sometimes, if it's going really fast, it will shake the backside of the house. Other times, it is not going super fast, but there is a road not far down from our house so the train will honk and honk and honk and it is LOUD. 

We are thinking that we will have the ipod playing his sound machine music, so hopefully that may be able to offset some of that sound? I don't know. We are going to try naps in the crib today. Any suggestions? 

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Re: we are transitioning to crib today :(

  • We have not done this yet. I just went back to work this week so I'm thinking once we settle into the new daytime routine, we will try the crib. From what I have read from other moms, the easiest thing is just to do it. It sounds like LO has been sleeping on a flat surface already so the transition will probably be harder on you then LO. Good luck!
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  • I wasn't excited about the transition, but it turned out to be the easiest thing.  DS went down so easy and slept through the night for the first time the first night he was in his crib.  It's been several weeks and I still get up to check on him a couple times a night, but really the whole thing couldn't have gone smoother.  Hope it goes well for you!

  • What is the reason you're transitioning him? Because his arms get caught?

    ( If that's the case maybe try a bumper?)

    I agree with your idea to have the noise machine in his room and although at first he may awaken or startle due to the train, he should eventually get used to it so I wouldn't worry too too much about that.

    I def. feel you about missing having them in your room though. I switched my LO to his own room at 6 weeks when I planned to keep him for 6months but he was just such a loud sleeper that I stayed awake like all night wondering if I should get him.

    Now things are AWESOME. He sleeps better (and longer!) in his room and we sleep better too, but I still hear him well because he's right across the hall from us. 

    Try putting him there for naps first and always know that you're the momma and whenever you want him you can go kiss him and look at him and cuddle him.

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