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Rash on baby's face?

I posted a few days ago that my LO had dry skin on her face and went out and bought the Burt's Bees multipurpose ointment.  She also had patches of acne as well.  I put a small amount on the dry skin, but now it seems like she's getting a rash under her eye.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Not sure if it's normal, skin irritation from the ointment or more serious and worth a trip to the pedi?

Re: Rash on baby's face?

  • This happened to my LO she was all dry then I put lotion and then she got all rashy. I tried three days of nothing but cool water and on the forth day I put aquafore sp? on her face. She got progressively better each day.
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  • My baby had that, it's an extension on cradle cap on the face. Get Eucerine and put it on twice a day and it will get soft again and clear up :
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  • It's baby acne too. My LO's started under the eye and then extended to his whole face and now at the base of his neck. I've been consistently wiping with a warm washcloth each day and its clearing up now. It'll be 2 weeks tomorrow that it started.
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