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vent... :(

So yesterday I went to a follow up visit for my 16 month old to check on his dilated kidney.  The last check was about 5 months ago and one of his kidneys had resolved but the other one was still showing mild hydrophrenosis but they assured me he would outgrow it and that it would most likely be gone at the next ultrasound.  I wasn't too worried about anything but then at my appointment the doc says it hasn't gotten any worse but it doesn't seem to be resolving in the way he would like to see so now my little guy is going to have a renogram where they have to sedate him and take a closer look at his kidneys to see if there is a blockage.  If there is he might need surgery (like a 10 percent chance)  I know that means there is a good chance he wont need surgery but I keep thinking the worst!  And now I googled the surgery and of course and I am all freaked out.  I didn't sleep last night and just dread having to go through this..... to top it all off they found kidney dilation on this baby's kidney at the 20 week scan also! I go on Monday to check to see if it is still there on baby #2.  Now that I know this can turn into something more serious I am a lot more worried about this and keep thinking they are gonna tell me it is worse on my baby girl too.  I guess I am just asking for your thoughts and prayers to get me through these upcoming tests and that my babies are healthy enough to avoid surgery.  I really hate all the "not knowing" and  "wait and see" approach........ too much for my ocd pregnancy brain to handle!!!
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