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Lunchtime & Naptime

For those with LO's napping only once a day: What time does your LO nap and what time do you do lunch?

Trying to figure out if he should lunch before or after his nap-- we are newly shifting to one nap so sometimes he might need to go down at 11 for the nap-- and 10:15 seems quite early for lunch! He wakes for the day around 5:30/6 and is exhausted by 11 or so. 

Re: Lunchtime & Naptime

  • Our LO is in daycare so we try to keep to their schedule on the weekends.  LO wakes around 7:30am, eats breakfast.  We do lunch right around 11am and then she's down for a nap at 11:30am....typically until 1:30pm. 
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  • We also follow daycare's schedule.  DS wakes up at 7am, breakfast at 8am, lunch at 11am, nap 11:3-0-1:30.


  • We also try to stick with the DC schedule with a nap at noon, but if we have something going on we shift it. We also read his cues. Sometimes he is ready for a nap at 11 or even earlier. We try to give lunch before the nap though.
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  • DD eats lunch at 11:00/11:15 and naps around 11:45/12:00.  When we first moved to one nap and it was at 11:00 I did a good snack around 10 and then lunch when she woke up. She also is a 5:30/6:00 am riser and for us it took a good month or so to move her nap -- some days she needed two and that helped.  I did find that I had to stretch her to get that one nap to be a decent one -- that is we didn't leave it at 11am very long because I think she thought she'd get another nap (her morning nap when she did two had gotten as late as 10:30).
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    For a little while you may have to do a very early lunch and the big snack when he wakes up (or split lunch into two).  Slowly the nap will move up and you can start doing lunch at 11:30 and a nap at 12:30 (DD started doing this around 15 months).

  • When he was doing 2 naps we would do it before lunch but he started fighting the nap because he was hungry I think. So we do lunch around 12 and he goes down for his nap around 12:30 or 1 and sleeps till 3. We go into his room after lunch and read some books before I put him down.
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  • We personally do lunch after nap.  That works for us though since DH works night shift and isn't up until noon.  DS goes down about 10:30 or 11 and wakes up at 12:30 or 1.  We do lunch at 1 or 1:30.  I'd prefer lunch more around noon, but the boys demand their sleep.

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  • We eat lunch at 12 and DD goes down between 12:30 and 1:30


  • I would feed him when he's hungry. If he's up at 5:30, 10:15 isn't early for lunch. I'd feed him and put him down for his nap at 11. Up by 2, have a big snack and he'll be ready for dinner by 5. 

    Now, I will say, that nap schedule wouldn't work for us b/c of DD1's school pick up, so we do a snack mid am, lunch around noon, and then after we pick up DD she takes her nap at 1:30.  

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    My girls go to daycare and we follow their lunch/nap schedule on the weekends.

    Lunch: 11:30

    Nap: 12-3

    My daughter is also an early riser - usually wakes around 6:30 now, but she used to be up between 5:00 & 6:00. It took her a week or so to adjust to the new schedule, but she did adjust to it and I think she started sleeping a little later as a result. 

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    Lunch is at noon, and nap time is 12:30. LO waskes up at 6, and he gets tired early occasionally.  What time does your LO go to bed?
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  • DD's nap is at 11 and we have lunch whenever she wakes up noon 1pm.
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  • My son usually doesn't fall asleep until 1 or later, so he eats lunch around 11:30. If he was going down earlier, I'd probably do a snack at 10:30 and lunch when we woke up.


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  • At daycare he has lunch around 11:15 and naps at 1:15.

    At home we do lunch around 11:30 and naps at 12:30.

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    lunch is around 11:30, nap b/w 12 and 12:30. when he first transitioned to one nap he had two lunches, one before and one after, but the second lunch is now more of a snack, and sometimes he skips it completely.

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  • My daughter usually (at least on the weekends) has two snacks that equal a meal. She usually has yogurt and fruit before her nap and then after cheese and crackers. :) 
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  • We do lunch around noon, nap around 12:45ish. He sleeps until 3:30 or sometimes even 4. He wakes up for the day around 7:30 though. I think because your LO wakes so early, he'll be ready for lunch & nap early.
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  • DS naps around 2pm, so he eats lunch beforehand. Depending on how early he eats lunch, he may even get a small snack before naptime.
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  • At daycare, the young toddlers eat lunch at 11:30, then nap from 12 to 2. 
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