Cute, or not so much?

Every year we buy almost the same sandals for our kids (they change them a little and have a few very similar styles). They are too expensive but DS1 loves them, they last, are really easy to put on, and he wears them every warm day of the year -so I deal with it. Anyhow getting to the point, this year they aren't the regular brown (not available in his size) they come in a brightish blue or black with orange stitching. DH thinks I'm batty for thinking the blue will go with most of his clothes. WDYT?
he dresses in mostly bright surfer tees with neutral shorts /jeans or plain polo shirts with madras or plaid shorts and a fedora. I think the blue would look cute and the black would be a little heavy looking to be honest. They look really bright on the site I linked, not as bright on Amazon so that is going to be a crap shoot- not sure exactly what they will look like. Guess they might get dirty fast- didn't think of that part.......I have some of that stuff you spray on suede to keep it nice though.

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Re: Cute, or not so much?

  • Spin313Spin313
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    I think the blue color is nbd, but I totally don't think those shoes are worth that price!

  • If they last do the black.  I honestly gave up with matching shoes.  As long as they fit we are good to go.  
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  • NMS. I'd get Keens at that price point. Same function but easilt washable.

    The orange/black combo is sort of cheap "Payless" looking IMO. I'd never have guessed they were $50.

  • I like the blue, but also like the black ones. The blue should go with most things though :)

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  • I'd go for keens. We have used them for three years and love them. they can get wet, they are easy to clean and much cheaper.  Or at least cheaper.  

    Im not a fan of suade shoes.  My DD is always playing in sand or dirt and the shoes would be wrecked so fast.   

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  • I think you are WAY over-thinking this.  One thing I have found about being a mom of a boy is that there comes a time when you have to let go of your desire for little-kid "cuteness" and give way to the practical demands of boy footwear and clothing.

    Black is fine for boy sandals.  So is blue.  Personally, I'd go with black, but I don't tend to like bright shoes.  If you're okay with bright colored shoes, then go with blue.  

    Both are going to get thoroughly ransacked by the end of the summer anyway.  I would also recommend you take a look at Keens, which are just a little cheaper and are VERY durable and hold up well to mud and water.  They dry really quickly when they get wet.

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    image -auntie-:

    NMS. I'd get Keens at that price point. Same function but easilt washable.

    The orange/black combo is sort of cheap "Payless" looking IMO. I'd never have guessed they were $50.

    I'd also go for Keens because I think they're more versatile (they can get wet!), and they're a little less expensive.

    But, if you're totally sold on that shoe, I'd probably get the blue. I don't think it's a big deal if a kid's shoe doesn't match what they're wearing. My daughter has pink Keen sandals, and will probably wear them everyday regardless of what color she's wearing. 

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  • jlw2505jlw2505
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    I buy Keens for my girls every single summer and they live in them.  I could care less on the color, they are shoes that I know will last through everything that they do.  I didn't look at the shoes you posted but same concept.  Kids shoes don't have to match perfectly to everything they wear.  I would get the blue.
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  • Wow, that's more than I spend on my own

    I wouldn't worry about matching.  I wouldn't like suede and am not a fan of the bright colors, but at the end of the day, they're kids and fashion doesn't really matter when they are rolling in the dirt and mud.  

    I am a cheapy and get the kids sandals from Kohl's with a coupon.  They last all summer and cost me like $10.   

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  • ss+elss+el
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    I vote blue. For summer shoes, I think the brighter the better. :)  I was actually bummed that the Keens I got him are a boring grey & blue combo but I found them on clearance, so was not going to get picky. Heck, I bought him 4 pairs of Old Navy flip flops to wear when he's playing at home and he refuses to wear two of the same color at the same time. :)
  • To $$$$ for my blood. I won't spend that much on shoes for myself, let alone my DC who can only wear them for a year and then grow out of them. But I am also VERY cheap.
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  • Wow I can't believe how many replies this got! I couldn't ignore 11 (or so) reccomendations for the same shoes so I looked up Keens but I can't find any sandals for under $50 (a few sales but none in his size in non pink- I'm not super picky but DH won't go for pink). I didn't even know about Keens so I'm glad I came here and asked.
    I know the Kai s are too pricey I can usually find them on sale (heck I have gotten see Kai runs for $15 on amazon- I have never paid fifty for them before). In the end I rather buy one pair of shoes that will hold together and be comfortable than a handfulof cheapies that fall apart or my picky boy won't wear (he can be a little sensory sensitive about his toes) AND I don't want to spend a ton of time searching for just the right shoes- I love the convenience of just buying the same shoes in the next size, however it might be time to put some effort into finding new shoes. He will be taking swim lessons at camp this summer and will need shoes he can run in but also get wet around the pool. The Keens look like they could go from playground to poolside. :)
    Toe and heel protection is manadory for school so I like that the Kai s have a piece of leather that wraps around the toe & heel to protect most of the foot (the Keens look like they are also protective).
    The pairs we have bought in the past have been regular smooth brown or navy leather but this year his larger size (11.5-12) comes in this suede which I am concerned won't wear as well (his little brother is wearing one pair that he wore the heck out of and they still look pretty good). Are the Keens easy to put on? That is another draw- no pulling or tugging to get the Kai shoes on. If anyone has site suggestions for Keen sales I'd love to see them- I googled Keen sales/clearance/etc.....
    sorry for the formatting and lack of editing but I am on an iPad so I just put paragraphs in where I could :)

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  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    image echowysp2:

    I am a cheapy and get the kids sandals from Kohl's with a coupon.  They last all summer and cost me like $10.   

    Me too. 

    The blue color is fine.

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  • Here are some keens for under $30. 

    I do not attempt to match my kids sandals to their clothes.  I let them buy the color they want and will give me no trouble wearing. 

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