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May I vent for a moment?

1 - My phone (iphone 5) got stolen last night, I don't have insurance on it, and it had tons of pictures and videos of DD that I'm not going to get back.

2 - DH called on the busiest night of work for me to ask me to come home because the baby was screaming and he couldn't calm her down. I came all the way home just to find her asleep and content with DH swearing up and down that he wasn't lying about how upset she was, then had to go back to work until 11:30 to finish everything.

3 - I'm really tired, but I'm staying up to finish cooking so DH can have something to eat at work tomorrow. He could have done it himself before I got home, but he didn't. All I'm saying is I better get some brownie points for this later on.

4 - Houston weather is tearing up my immune system and I've been waking up with a severe sinus headache every morning since last Thursday. 

5 - I'm hoping tomorrow is better. It's supposed to rain and I'm off work. =) So it's me and DD inside during the rain, nursing, and watching Curious George. Hopefully there is nothing left to go wrong.

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Re: May I vent for a moment?

  • Oh no! I would think you scored major brownie points! Hope today is better for you!

    Ohio weather isn't any better- I have had a headache the past week too!

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  • Sounds like a rough day but you also sound like a very caring mom and generous wife! I am sure your family appreciates it. Next time you get an iphone be sure to put the findmyphone app on it, it's free and you can find the phone, lock the phone, or erase the info from your computer. I hope today is more relaxing for you. 
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  • Sorry you had such a rough day- hopefully today is better! I feel ya on the weather - we're in the 80s one day (which gets the pollen counts super high) and then in the 50s another, and my sinuses are going NUTS...


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    I'm so sorry! Do you use the cloud? I'm pretty sure the iPhone backs everything up into the cloud so you can retrieve all of that stuff on your computer using iTunes. I'm not 100% positive because I don't use an iPhone now. 
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  • Wow! I'm so sorry to hear about your awful day and definitely think you deserve brownie points. I don't have an iphone but i had to get a new ipad recently. The icloud, which I never heard of or did anything to set up, saved everything from my old one; maybe that's something that will be helpful to you.

     I second the weather issue, I'm also in Houston.

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  • That sounds awful. I hope today is better for you.
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  • I'm sorry about all that, that's rough. I second the PP who mentioned iCloud, check it out, you most likely had it on your phone without even knowing it. BTW, I'm in Austin, Texas weather and allergies are crazy! There's so much pollen and mold it's amazing my head doesn't just explode.

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  • How frustrating! I am sorry about your phone. I understand your frustration. The day that DD2 was born, Dh went to the waiting room and slept for awhile. He laid his phone down next to him and someone took it. It had all the photos we had just taken of DD. He sent texts to the phone begging the person to give it back because those photos couldn't be replaced. The person ended up turning it into lost and found thank goodness. For those few hours that it was gone, Dh was so upset.
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  • Re your phone I think even if you did not have the app on your phone I'm pretty sure you can still track it. I was able to do that when I lost my iPhone 4. I could send a text to the phone, see how much battery was left, and then eventually I wiped it just incase someone managed to get it unlocked. I lost daily pregnancy photos I took to send to my husband. Now we are very careful about backing things up. We even bought online storage for our files in case our computer is ever stollen.

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  • I'll have to look into the icloud thing. I have no idea how it works lol, but maybe DH will figure it out for me. I found out that I have an upgrade available, so I'm ordering a new one on Friday. Only one week without a phone! Hopefully I won't go crazy before then. =)

    I told DH I didn't mind getting a cheap phone, but he spilled the beans that he got me a custom iphone case for Mother's Day with Ivy's picture on it. I was like, awww okay I'll take the nice phone then lol.

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  • emme425emme425
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    I'm sorry you've been having a tough time!  I sent my iphone through the wash and broke it in January. I was so upset about the baby pictures I lost.  When I got my new iphone, my pictures were just uploaded through icloud to my new phone.  I am sure you will get all your pictures back.  
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