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Well, we are Ferberizing tonight for the first time. LO used to be such a great sleeper. Putting him to sleep was no problem, and he slept just fine in his crib starting around 2 months. It's just been getting progressively worse and worseuntil he was sleeping in the RnP only and it was taking at least an hour to get him to go back to sleep during every MOTN waking.

It seems to be working well so far. I had to get over feeling like I was failing him some how. Listening to him cry is hard, especially because I have a flair for the dramatic and kept thinking about thosepoor Romanian orphan babies that have up even bothering to cry because no one was ever coming to help them.

Yeah. Sorry. I cried right along with him tonight. But the first time he put himself to sleep in less than 30 minutes, with us going in to soothe him after 1, 3, 5, and 10 minutes. The second time he woke it took only 7 minutes. I can't believe it.

TL;DR version: I am trying CIO a la Ferber method. It's going well. LNCI yoself!

Also, ferberizing is totally coming up asa word in my phone. Weird.

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  • Gnomemom First I read that you were febreezing for the first time. Haha. Good luck! It's awesome that youve already seen the improvement and self soothing!
    3am here. Baby H was up and fussing. He's gotten good to getting himself back to sleep, so he fussed and just as he got himself to sleep , he had a little coughing fit and woke himself up. He didn't cry, but since he was up and moving around I took him out to feed him.
    Now he fell back to sleep, I'm going to put him down then go do my makeup. 3am makeup has become the norm.
  • it's 4am. Lu and I are here. we managed a couple hours of sleep which was nice. hopefully a couple more after she finishes eating. kind of a bummer being up so much when she slept last night 8pm to 6am and 6:30am to 8:30am. I will feel lucky to get one of those kind of nights even once a week!
    gnomemom hope the ferberizing is still going well. that must be tough. I don't know if I could do it!
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  • jg1011jg1011
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    Gnome...I feel your feberizing pain. I am laying here listening to V CIO yet again. He is having a hard time resetting himself since he was sick over the weekend. We have been up ALOT tonight. I think this is number 5 but I've lost count.

    I just went in and changed his diaper (in his crib because i didnt want to pick him up!) because I am at a loss. He never cries like this. He's not hungry either. I can hear in his cry...he's just annoyed and wants what he wants. 

    I wish DH were home to help tonight. I'm exhausted.  

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